Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 2015

This month we went to Froberg strawberry farm for Audrey's birthday. The kids had a blast picking strawberries. 

Easter Sunday family pic... the best we could get.

Madison has been wanting to do my morning bible study with me. Sweet girl.

Madison has almost outgrown naps which means she and Hunter now have some extended quality time together in the afternoons while the littles sleep. I looked outside to see them basking in the sun just hanging out and talking. 

My computer crashed this month and I had to get a new hard drive and of course software. We spent a good deal of time in the apple store which the kids didn't mind since it meant they got to play with iPads. Tablets are not a part of their normal routine so this was quite the treat for them!

Jordan used this awesome picture of Audrey for a meme for Snap. She gives some great material. 

Audrey is in a phase where she is terrified of shadows. Hunter spent his quiet time one day setting up a movie theatre in his room for a "shadow movie". Audrey woke up from her nap and he brought her to his room and gave her a snack and said "sit here Audrey I'm going to do a shadow movie for you so you can see they aren't scary." She's laughing. Best big brother ever!

Watching tortillas being made is a favorite HEB activity for the kiddos. 

Audrey has been extra snuggly lately

Everyone wants daddy to be the one to put them to bed. 

Audrey has been making her own scrambled eggs lately. She's proud.

Popsicles by the pool

Our neighbor had a baby owl in their driveway one afternoon and the kids thought is was so awesome to get to see it up close!

These 2 play a lot of checkers

We had some storms blow through and we lost 2 trees in one week. One fell into our pool! Jordan didn't have a chainsaw so he chopped the tree into pieces with an AXE! 

 Many hands make light work on the tree cleanup

Watching him leading little ones to God makes my heart explode. I love this man. 

My angel face and her snuggles

She climbed into bed with me and asked if we could snuggle and take a picture.

She fell down and lost her icecream on the ground... big crocodile tears followed but daddy always knows how to make it all better. I love how gentle he is with them. 

School time

Siblings watching Madison do gymnastics

Caleb watching his siblings swim

Hunter assembled this IKEA cart for the girls room all by himself from start to finish! I wasn't even aware he was working on it until he was halfway done. He tells us nearly everyday he plans to be a house builder when he gets older. After he finished he said "well mom I don't usually use instructions bc I like to be creative but this kind of thing you have to follow instructions. Some day when I build houses I won't follow instructions though." 

The kids love to make their own pizzas

We made papa's famous homemade butter finger ice-cream one day. It was a big hit.

Madison's handwriting assignment was the letter F (upper and lower case). However she did not feel as though she needed to practice her upper case F so she made me a sign and hung it next to her at the table to let me know that there will be no upper case F's that day.

These 2 have the best imaginations. They spend their days together well!

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