Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015

Hunter all dressed up for his piano recital! 

My sweet husband...again

I took Hunter and Madison to pack lunches for Lunches of love one Monday this month

They packed lunches and decorated the sacks for the kids that will be getting them

Assembly line time

We also took the kids to the rodeo this month. They were SO excited. They were anxiously awaiting our departure in this picture (reading a book together).

The girls chose to do a camel ride

craft time

Sweet Audrey reading her book

Jordan and Hunter made a cobbler

My sister came in town and we had a girls morning and got pedicures together. 

Arms full of babies
 Sweet girls modeling their new t-shirts

The boys doing man work

St. Patricks day picture (real life)

We went to the hill country one weekend with our good friends the Bakers. They have a house on Canyon Lake. The first morning the kids and I watched the sunrise from their balcony. 

We went on a morning walk together

One morning when we woke up Abbey asked Maddie if she wanted to join her for her morning bible study. I overheard Abbey teaching Madison out of Galatians. Melt my heart these moments with precious friends!

We went to dinner one night at Gristmill

The last day... view from their balcony. What a fun weekend with great friends!

Hunter made me my favorite sandwich for lunch. Grilled harvarti cheese and apricot preserves. He makes a mean grilled cheese!

Mamaw and Harold came down for a visit. We met them for brunch at Cracker Barrel. 

Then we went to check out their R.V. The kids thought it was awesome. 

They spent the rest of the day with us and went to the park with us. Mamaw and Harold BOTH rode the zip line! 

Cart full of kiddos. They love target. 

The last weekend in March I went on my annual KC girls trip and this year we went back to KC where we all met! We started at the spa naturally. 

We did lots of eating and shopping on the plaza and of course staying up late talking in our hotel rooms. It's always a wonderful weekend with good friends! 

It was a wonderful and refreshing weekend but I was so happy to be home again! 

Siblings gotta hug

Madison really wants to have spelling as one of her subjects in school- it's not a part of her curriculum yet so Hunter decided to "do spelling" with her. SO cute. 

Hunter said "Mom it's 2:20 and you haven't eaten lunch yet have you? Would you like me to make your spinach and eggs? I know how you like it." These are the moments I don't want to miss!

Monday, March 2, 2015

11 months old

Caleb you are in to everything now! You are so sneaky and curious!

The baby gate is really holding you back. You are not a fan of this invention and you do not like that your older siblings know how to operate it!

You took your first solo steps this month at 10 months. Just a few right in a row. You have done it handful of times but you are such a fast crawler that I predict you will wait a while to become a full time walker. 

You love to get into anything you can. You laugh the whole time as if you are having a ball! 
This first year is flying by! You are changing overnight into a toddler. We love you so so much my sweet boy!