Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015

This girl is the best little 4 year old "mommy". She takes such good care of her brother. She is always Anticipating his needs and joyfully meeting them. She frequently asks if she can "babysit him" while I fix dinner or care for the other kids. She has the biggest servant heart...always asking "mommy how can I help you?" My precious Madison. God has taught me so much through her joyful countenance and servant heart. 

Story time by the fire


Hunter and Madison love to help give Caleb a bath

My sweet Madison writes I Love you MOM on all of her school work

Hunter took his level 1 theory test, made a 97 and got a medal for such a high grade!

A beautiful Sunday lunch on the patio at Grimaldi's with my favorites. 

Sweet Caleb couldn't hang on any longer. Sundays are so long for the baby, the morning nap is always on mommy. 

Madison had a HUGE accomplishment this month. She read her first book! (followed by 3 more books)

A sweet note from my boy

Wednesday are family days. Jordan works from home those days and we try to always do something fun as a family at some point. Jordan decided it would be a good day to teach the kids how to play baseball. 

Sienna has horse stables so we stopped by to pet the horses on the way back. 

We went to Dallas to celebrate Jordan and Hunter's birthdays with the family. Nana baked cookies with the kids. 

Pop built a fire in the back and we did family worship with BOTH sets of grandparents and Aunt Beekah and James by the campfire. Such a wonderful memory!

We went to Lego land for Hunter's birthday and then ate at Rainforest Cafe. 

All 4 of them were wiped out from the weekend on the drive back. 

I really have no words here... Madison fashionista strikes again this time in just a ski bib.

It's a beautiful day outside this day!

While in Dallas Madison would get up and do bible study with her Nana in the mornings. She wants to be just like her. 

We went to go see my Meme. I hadn't had a chance to take Caleb to meet her yet so Nana and me and the kids went for an afternoon. I just love this picture. Audrey's personality... the entertainer. Madison the sweet soul, holding meme's hand and talking to her. 

Caleb met his meme for the first time. Mommy Madison is standing nearby. 

Again... Madison. I can't handle the cuteness.

Hunter LOVES puzzles. It's something he loves to do with his Nana and of course that is a favorite past time of mine with my Meme. So we had 4 generations helping Meme with her latest puzzle. She always has one going. 

Madison got an easy bake oven for Christmas. She and Vivi made us all some cookies. 

Jordan went on a ski trip with some men from church. Hunter took over morning bible time in his place. Proverbs 22:6

Hunter loves to make me sweet notes. 

I woke up to find this on my bathroom mirror from my sweet husband. 

We have come full circle with Audrey. For a few years now she has been the resident destroyer and her siblings would have to get up on the counter to build something if they didn't want it destroyed. Audrey recently realized that Caleb is now the destroyer and if she wants to play with something she has to sit up on the counter. 

Caleb's idea of a good time... 1 minute alone in the game cabinet. 

Squeals of joy!

My dinner helper quartering potatoes for me. 

School time

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