Tuesday, June 2, 2015

14 months old

Caleb boy you are 14 months old! You are such a joy and such a BOY!

You give the best hugs, complete with a pat on the back.

We call you The Hulk because you kind of grunt and flex all the time. You are NOT gentle! 

This is new. Somehow you are already able to climb up on the couches, tables and chairs- although you do not know how to get down safely. 

You had your first trip to the beach this month for Madison's birthday. You had a blast in the water and ate some sand. All in all it was a success! 

You got a cold and cut 2 teeth this month and wanted to be held by me all day long (when you were awake). We got a LOT of quality time this month! 

You had quite a few days of not feeling so good. 

You are walking pretty much full time now. You are still a solid 2 nap a day kid, usually from 9:00-11:00am and 1:00-3:30pm and you sleep from 6pm-7am at night. You are a great eater, and are into everything! You love to be either outside, or in my arms. You enjoy banging on things, unraveling and eating toilet paper, emptying out drawers and cabinets, helping with laundry by taking it all out and throwing it on the floor. You also like to drink bath water and play peek a boo. You love to point at things so I will tell you what they are. You sign for "all done" but if mommy happens to miss the "sign" you just go ahead and throw everything off of your tray on to the floor to indicate you are finished with your meal. You always know the moment someone has opened... the bathroom door (you run straight for the toilet), the back door (you make a beeline for outside), the fridge (you are digging for snacks) or the baby gate (you are headed up the stairs).  You are a JOY in our lives and we love you to pieces! 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015

This was a busy month for our family. The first weekend of the month we celebrated Madison's 5th birthday with a day trip to Galveston beach! 

We spent part of the day on the Pier riding roller coasters and then the second part just playing on the

She picked Cheesecake Factory for her birthday dinner and the weather was beautiful for the patio! 

We had lots of morning walks. It's starting to heat up now so we like to get outside right after breakfast and burn some energy and soak up some fresh air! The big kids usually like to ride their bikes (Madison taught herself how to ride her bike without training wheels last month!) and Audrey will usually ride her scooter. Caleb rides in the stroller. 

We sent a care package to one of the missionary kids (Gaines Tucker) in Africa. He and Hunter have similar interests so it was fun to shop for him and get to find things that we knew he missed and would love to have that he doesn't have access to in Africa! 

I threw Sara her first baby shower at the church the first weekend of the month (on Madison's actual birthday). She had a great turnout and is all set for baby #1!

We had a wonderful team of hostesses! 

We went home the second week of May to Dallas for Mother's day. We stayed with Papa and Vivi but split time between both grandparents houses as usual! 

That Saturday we met our good friends the Benton's at Six Flags. We took the 2 oldest kids and left the younger two with Nana. It was a fun day! (I love this picture of Jordan) 

 Hunter had his final piano recital of the year. He did a great job! 

Hunter likes to wait up for daddy on the nights he works late. I was reading in bed and he came to hang out next to me but didn't make it until dad got home. I loved the snuggles though. It's been YEARS since he fell asleep on me like this. I can't believe how fast time flies. 

Hunter and Madison have a group piano class once a month. Audrey usually likes to try to jump in on the class too. Laura, their teacher is always so gracious to include her as much as possible). 

I had to step outside to answer a call from the doctor and the youngest 2 kiddos were not too thrilled about it! 

Hunter and Madison wearing daddy's shirts... I forget how giant of a human he actually is. I am so used to him. I love that man! 

I printed off (Pinterest) new to do lists for the kids this month. I usually write out their list every day on the white board but this saves me a step and gives them some more responsibility for their time management. Madison saw it and said "oh thank you mommy! It's just what I always wanted!" 

My two little mommas love taking care of baby brother while I finish up school with big brother. Madison usually finishes her school a little faster than Hunter because she doesn't have as many subjects so she is a wonderful entertainer for the littles. 

The magnets are always a favorite for these two kiddos. They only get these while we do school at the table (with the big kids) so it keeps their interest pretty well! 

School time

Madison told me she wanted to teach Audrey her school. She was quizzing her on colors, numbers and letters. She is a great little teacher. 

We have had a TON of rain lately. The rivers are all flooded and we lost power for about 6 hours one Sunday morning. It was breakfast by candlelight, showers in the dark and wet hair to church! So thankful for power on a regular basis! 

Jordan took Audrey to swim lessons one morning (she has been doing a 2 week intensive) and on his way home (about 1 mile away) he was T-boned by another vehicle. It broke his rear axel so his truck had to be towed off. It will be in the shop for a while but we are SO thankful no one was injured! 

Painting time

Charity had puppies! She had 12 and 9 made it. 

The kids are LOVING this... absolutely LOVING it. 

Hunter loves to catch frogs, lizards, worms, just basically anything! Such a boy! 

He collected a handful of worms on our morning walk and brought them back to our flower beds.

Today I threw one of my best friends (Ashley) an adoption baby shower

We had a great team of hostesses! 

Ashley and her daughter (Abbey)

It was a full and FUN month! We are counting the blessings! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Baby #5

We are so excited to be expecting baby #5! 

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate." (Psalm 127:3-5 ESV)

We found out we were expecting again on Caleb's first birthday! I was about 5 weeks along at the time and was actually pretty surprised! Caleb was still nursing every 3-4 hours at the time and I thought at first that I would just let him wean when he was ready but at about 6 weeks pregnant I began to feel some of the effects of nursing while pregnant and with my history I didn't want to risk anything. So over the next week he weaned without a problem and was fully weaned by the time I was 7 weeks pregnant.  He was over a year old anyway and was eating everything we ate and taking a straw cup with all of his meals so the timing was really perfect! 

This ultrasound was taken at my first appointment around 9 weeks. The baby looked great and the heartbeat was strong in the 170's. I have another ultrasound with my perinatologist on Friday and I will be almost 13 weeks. So far everything has been very normal! I have been tired and nauseous and dizzy the past few months but that's my normal for the first trimester and this week (12 weeks) I feel like I am getting some of my energy back! I've been able to get some cleaning and organizing done that I had not the energy to do the last few months which is exciting! 

The kids are so excited about having another sibling. Madison actually asked me if I was pregnant before I even knew that I was and then numerous times after we found out but before we told the kids (which was from 5 weeks to 9 weeks) she said she thought there was a baby in my tummy.  Hunter and Madison said they both think we are having a boy and Audrey said she thinks it's a girl. Of course we will be thrilled with either! We are just overjoyed that God has chosen to give us another precious child. 

For His Glory and for our JOY! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Madison is 5!

My sweet and joyful Madison, what a gift from God you are to our days! You have a servant's heart and are always the first to ask "how can I help you?" You are quick to notice how others are doing. You are empathic, sincere, creative, dreamer, thoughtful, kind and friendly. You are also spunky, athletic, competitive, you love to learn and you are driven! You are the absolute definition of pure joy! You live such a joyful life and add so much joy to ours! We love you so much and are blessed to have you in our family. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

13 months old

Another month down Caleb! You are walking more and more these days but still more of a crawler than a walker. You say about 4-5 words (mama, dada, God, dog). You sign for "all done", wave bye bye, give high fives and hugs and kisses. You love to be tickled and kissed and held. You love outside, water, food and praise baby in the car. You take 2 naps a day (9 am and 1pm) and you go to bed at 6pm and wake up at 7:00am. You are 24 pounds and 34 inches (big boy)
You are a complete JOY!

Evidence of you on the loose during school time

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 2015

This month we went to Froberg strawberry farm for Audrey's birthday. The kids had a blast picking strawberries. 

Easter Sunday family pic... the best we could get.

Madison has been wanting to do my morning bible study with me. Sweet girl.

Madison has almost outgrown naps which means she and Hunter now have some extended quality time together in the afternoons while the littles sleep. I looked outside to see them basking in the sun just hanging out and talking. 

My computer crashed this month and I had to get a new hard drive and of course software. We spent a good deal of time in the apple store which the kids didn't mind since it meant they got to play with iPads. Tablets are not a part of their normal routine so this was quite the treat for them!

Jordan used this awesome picture of Audrey for a meme for Snap. She gives some great material. 

Audrey is in a phase where she is terrified of shadows. Hunter spent his quiet time one day setting up a movie theatre in his room for a "shadow movie". Audrey woke up from her nap and he brought her to his room and gave her a snack and said "sit here Audrey I'm going to do a shadow movie for you so you can see they aren't scary." She's laughing. Best big brother ever!

Watching tortillas being made is a favorite HEB activity for the kiddos. 

Audrey has been extra snuggly lately

Everyone wants daddy to be the one to put them to bed. 

Audrey has been making her own scrambled eggs lately. She's proud.

Popsicles by the pool

Our neighbor had a baby owl in their driveway one afternoon and the kids thought is was so awesome to get to see it up close!

These 2 play a lot of checkers

We had some storms blow through and we lost 2 trees in one week. One fell into our pool! Jordan didn't have a chainsaw so he chopped the tree into pieces with an AXE! 

 Many hands make light work on the tree cleanup

Watching him leading little ones to God makes my heart explode. I love this man. 

My angel face and her snuggles

She climbed into bed with me and asked if we could snuggle and take a picture.

She fell down and lost her icecream on the ground... big crocodile tears followed but daddy always knows how to make it all better. I love how gentle he is with them. 

School time

Siblings watching Madison do gymnastics

Caleb watching his siblings swim

Hunter assembled this IKEA cart for the girls room all by himself from start to finish! I wasn't even aware he was working on it until he was halfway done. He tells us nearly everyday he plans to be a house builder when he gets older. After he finished he said "well mom I don't usually use instructions bc I like to be creative but this kind of thing you have to follow instructions. Some day when I build houses I won't follow instructions though." 

The kids love to make their own pizzas

We made papa's famous homemade butter finger ice-cream one day. It was a big hit.

Madison's handwriting assignment was the letter F (upper and lower case). However she did not feel as though she needed to practice her upper case F so she made me a sign and hung it next to her at the table to let me know that there will be no upper case F's that day.

These 2 have the best imaginations. They spend their days together well!