Tuesday, December 2, 2014

8 months old!

This is you at 7 months old and busting out the feet of 12 month sleepers. Sweet boy you are not small.

You are a happy boy when you get bananas!

Oh how I love these quiet moments, just you and me, with you fast asleep in my arms. I just can't bring myself to put you down. 

You are getting brave with standing on things these days.

And even more brave when you try to let go!

Your first time to try beans and rice...a family staple... you LOVED them. 

Sweet Madison ADORES you. She is always singing to you and smothering you with kisses. 

You are chowing down on a pancake at Hoggs n Chicks one of our favorite Sunday lunch places. 

Swing Fail

You love to talk. You make some of the best "words"

My heart is full! I am so richly blessed to be mama to each of you. 

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