Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

We went to Canton for 1st Monday and to see Papa's store!

This is how we spent a good part of the day. Both the littles wanting to be worn by mom. 

We celebrated Madison's half birthday (4.5 year) with a donut breakfast (tradition) 

These kids LOVE to clean if it means they get gloves, clorox wipes or their own spray bottle. Many hands make light work!

 We spent some time over Thanksgiving this month baking with the grandmas. What great memories!

 Hunter is getting started on our traditional homemade cinnamon rolls. Tis the season!

Math lesson for the day... counting coins from our vending machine!

My cute dinner helper

We got an early start decorating the Christmas tree!

The boys went duck hunting

Sunday pic 

Family Class friends

We went up to Vivi's work at Christian care center and passed out candy and encouraging notes to the residents (and hugs). It was so fun! 

 Hunter always has interesting reading positions

Sunday, November 2, 2014

7 months old

My sweet Caleb. You are 7 months old and so so precious. You love to be outside and you love to eat and you love to snuggle or be held. 

Your personality is continuing to show up more and more.

You are still such a mama's boy.

And you are BUSY! I must locate the baby gates soon!