Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014

We took a walk to a park nearby. It was HOT so we didn't quite make it all they way that day. We stopped in the shade over the river and to rest and then turned around and headed back home. We did spot an alligator though!

Audrey's favorite chore during 10 minute tidy is wiping down the cabinet doors...every single day... whether they need it or not. Cleanest Cabinets on the block right here.

Hunter loves to make eggs when we need it. 
He says "mom let me make the eggs because I'm an expert at eggs."

 We made about 30 pans of homemade cinnamon rolls this month for various people. Hunter and Madison love to help in the kitchen so they both got their own dough to work. 

We love it when Cole and Abbey come over to play. 

Jordan and Hunter are building me some bookshelves to help hold our ever growing school book supply.

Dinner at Sams one Friday night

Caleb tried his first mum mum

When Audrey has a dirty diaper she runs off and closes her eyes. CUTEST THING EVER.

The kids doing an activity during Family class at church. 

Hunter wrote and illustrated a book this month. It was too precious for words. I had it bound into a real hard back book. What a keeper!

"Mom you know how you said God gives us all different talents? Well I have the talent of drawing animals, you have the talent of teaching us school, Audrey has the talent of drawing on her face, and
Maddie has the talent of eating sugar."- Hunter


The kids offered to make dinner one night. They literally made it all by themselves and I quickly began brainstorming other meals they could swing by themselves! They felt so big! They made breakfast tacos and have since done this quite a few times! Hunter scrambled the eggs, Maddie microwaved the bacon and the tortillas and she made drinks for everyone. Such sweet kids!

Audrey goes through phases of protesting naps. She stays in her room wether she sleeps or not because some days after a while she will give it up and fall asleep anyway. She still desperately needs a nap every day. This particular day she fell asleep playing on the floor.

Fall means we have started back with regular piano lessons. Hunter took lessons through the summer but Maddie went from taking a group Suzuki class last year to doing private lessons this year. 

Hunter lost ANOTHER tooth. That brings him up to 6!

We walked to the park again. This time on a cooler day with a better stroller, earlier in the day. We made it there and played and had a blast! Can't wait to do it again as the Fall brings cooler weather. 

 I love this picture of Jordan and the older two kids during family worship. A man that leads his family spiritually... I prayed for this in a husband and God was thoughtful enough to not only give me that but add on things that I didn't even know to ask for. He blows me away with His goodness and blessings. 

More family worship

We switched up the old routine for school this day and did spelling words in Sugar. They loved it. 

Audrey loves to be a helper in the kitchen too.

A puppet show kind of night...one of them doesn't QUITE get the concept!

I kept my niece Avery for a week this month and she was so fun to have around! She and Caleb are only a few weeks apart so often it felt like having twins. They really enjoyed having each other to play with on the floor. 

They both crawl backwards which is hilarious. They reach out for the same toys yet both effectively move themselves further and further away from it. 

The older 3 kids really enjoyed getting to help take care of Avery and feed her bottles and food. 

Sunday picture before church

One night I had a particularly rough night of sleep. I can't even remember why now but I woke up the next morning and Hunter had made this for me. It was so perfectly timed. His mercies are new every morning. 

The girls love it when Hunter reads them books. 

Batman helped me make cookies one day. 

We met up halfway to Dallas to pick up and drop off Avery and got to see Noah and Chloe too!

Hunter anxiously awaiting Papa and Vivi's arrival from Dallas. 

We love Kiwi Crate! Vivi and Maddie are working on this months package while the boys watch football. 

Papa tried on one of his old halloween costumes. The kids thought it was hilarious. 

Sunday picture

Nana came in town too! This has been an awesome month of visitors! We played Make N Break with Nana...one of our favorite games. 

Sweet girl playing the piano for me. 

Maddie demonstrating a back kick for us