Saturday, August 2, 2014

4 months old

My sweet boy. You are 4 months old. this is one of my favorite ages! You are sleeping well, eating well and loving our attention. You giggle, roll, scoot and snuggle well. You still LOVE to nap in my bed or on the couch. You do nap in your crib sometimes but if the timing works out where the other kids are asleep I can't resist the sleepy Caleb snuggles. I feel like being a mom for the 4th time now has given me perspective (as it did with the 3rd) that this time goes by WAY too fast. I mean it's really just not fair how fast you guys grow up. You change so much from week to week that even just looking at these pictures from end of the month to the start of the month you are so different. 

You still LOVE to be held by me. I am your favorite and I totally OWN it. 

Madison loves to help out with you as much as she can. You are almost as big as her!

You are my only night owl baby so far. The other kids go to bed between 7-8pm and you are often up with me till 9:30-10:30pm but then you sleep solid until morning. Some days it's a quick feed at 6am and back down and other days you sleep until 8 or 8:30am and get up for a quick feed and go back down until 10am or so.

You are a happy boy. You are very easy to read. You nurse more often than your siblings did at this age but you are fast and always happy afterward. Most often if you are fussy you are hungry or tired both of which are easy to read. 

The ERGO is your best friend. It puts you right up next to my lips which means I get to kiss your head often. I LOVE this thing. I don't remember wearing Hunter and Madison very often (maybe I did) but with you and Audrey I figured out pretty quickly that it's much easier as a mom of many to wear the non walker so that my hands are freed up for the others. If we are out of the house you are in the ERGO. If you are having a fussy day and just need extra snuggles....ERGO is the answer (it was the K'tan when you were squishier). 

You love to be outside. We found out in your colic days that you being outside calmed you. We go outside for walks and swinging on the hammock almost everyday.

Every night you fall asleep nursing and then I just hold you and smell your head for a long time after to get my fill. You are just as sweet as can be. I know you won't let me do this forever. 

You were ready for a nap at this point and not really feelin the photo op moment. I love this picture anyway. 
It's REAL life!

Sweet boy you are a blessing and a gift. We cherish each moment we are given with you. We know we only get to borrow you for a short time and we hope to make the most of that time with you. We love you! 

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