Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014

Maddie and Caleb went with me on a trip to Nashville to visit Phillip, Christine, Brody and meet baby Lincoln

Caleb's first plane ride

Making energy balls with Roman

Caleb could really use some more attention

Audrey painted her face (which she does often)
I took a picture of her reaction when she saw her face for the first time... 

A few second later...

 Hunter builds legos every day. This day he decided he needed to wear goggles.
 Safety first!

Hunter lulled Aunt Rebekah to sleep reading from his favorite book...the animal encyclopedia. It's way more exciting to him. 

Hunter is such a good entertainer. He can always get a laugh out of Caleb.

More legos



Vivi jumped on the trampoline with the kids. 
They loved it.

Papa taped their hands and feet!

 Hunter loves to do puzzles while the younger kids nap.

Maddie found her brother's 12 month santa outfit one day while we were organizing clothes. 
Fashion show!

Maddie painting with her friend Jada. 

 He tells us often he can't wait until Caleb gets to share a room with him. 

Puzzles with Roman

My kitchen helper, Hunter. Oh the things we talk about while he stands on that chair. Love this special time together.

My cuties getting all ready for Sara and Keegan's wedding

Half birthday tradition. Donuts! I can't believe my first born is already 6.5.

The climbing dome

My little joys. They fill my days and my heart.

Caleb napping on the Baker's couch during a play date

Sweet girl

More kitchen helpers. 
Audrey helping mommy make cinnamon rolls for people.

This girl needed some extra momma snuggles

My new swing that Jordan and the kids got for my birthday. I love it so much.

I love it when he falls asleep on me. It's so hard to put him down. 
He's growing up too fast.

Jordan is such a good daddy. I hit the husband jackpot.

School time 

Lazy afternoon... post nap snuggles

Dessert for dinner at Orange leaf

Dinner for dessert at the pizza place next to Orange leaf. We switched it up!

Snack time


Jordan teaching Caleb to high five. Love these boys with my whole heart. 

Caleb is getting mobile with the log roll

Hunter baked his first batch of cookies from scratch all by himself. I wrote out detailed instructions and he read and followed them while I watched from a distance. He was SO proud when his first batch came out of the oven. 

Hunter reading to his sisters

Arms full of good things. Both babies slept in till 9am and needed extra mommy snuggles. 

Pedicure date with my Madison. I love my one on one time with her. Oh the things she talks about. 

My napping boys

Best friends just hangin' out

My breakfast thief. Every morning I make breakfast for the family and Audrey comes and eats off my plate instead of hers.

 I love this picture!

Heading to Sara and Keegan's wedding!

Notre Dame football watchin'

These two crafty boys doin' what they do. 

That's not chocolate she is covered in from head to toe. 
This happened WAY too many times this month. 
I should really potty train her.

Children's museum field trip with friends!