Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014

Morning walks with my buddy

Fun at the park after dinner

Madison put makeup on her dolls

4th of July treats

4th of July cookout and games

Sunday picture

 School time

Brotherly love

Audrey was not a fan of the butterfly on her leg

Madison taking care of Caleb while mommy gets ready

S'mores for lunch

Hunter's drawing of our backyard (aerial view)

I love spotting these moments. 

And these moments

Hunter and his best bud Roman

Craft time 

Craft time

We love to meet daddy for dinner at the BBQ place

He falls asleep on me every night after nursing and then I can't put him down!

Madison started Math-U-See

She LOVES school

Abbey snuggling Caleb

Sibling snuggles

Craft time

Waiting out the monsoon at HEB

Hunter's favorite place to do math.

Love this sweet boy

Trying out the new Mexican restaurant. 
I love this pic.

This boy makes me coffee every morning.

He lost another tooth!

Lunch with the Aunts and Uncles

We found a frog in the sandbox!

My heart walking around outside of my body

He brings me afternoon coffee too... WITH whipped cream!

I just love this girl. So full of personality.

Disc gun war

Look who crawled into my bed for morning snuggles.

Texas homeschool convention with Jessa Duggar.

At convention with the girls before Jordan arrived. 

He found his reflection!

Sweet boy napping in my bed in the hotel. 

Daddy time!

Roxy getting her snuggles in. 

The Duggars at convention. 

"My wife homeschools and she's my hero" sticker... he has it stuck to his bathroom mirror :)

Saying goodbye to Patricia is always so hard! 

 Sunday morning worship with Nana

 Donuts with dad!

Handwriting with dad

Spelling with a 6 year old boy :)

Snuggle time on the hammock with my babies

That face

I love these precious kiddos!

He's never lacking for attention!

So much sass!