Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2014

Road trip to Dallas

My big helpers 

Hunter's "to do" list

One way to eat a taco

Hunter went to his first Basketball camp with his daddy and his best friend Roman

Summertime is for swimming and eating outside

Caleb watching me mow the lawn from his swing on the front porch

Daddy and Hunter doing what they do best...building stuff

Sunday morning tunes

Building me my dream kitchen table and bench! I love Maddie's finger in her ears while daddy uses power tools.

Lizard catching is a favorite 

Sweet girl trying to figure out how to ride her tricycle 

My dinner helpers

I love morning snuggles with my boys

The couch nap...they both LOVE these

Just hanging out together

Caleb loves to nap right where the action is

Be still my heart

Jordan on the left, me on the right (close to Caleb's age)

Caleb napping while siblings swim. He takes a good outside nap too!

Sweet girl

Father's day shirts "my dad rocks"

The bed nap


I can't handle the cuteness of this moment

The finished product!

Fun with friends

My party animal

Poor dog...but she totally loved it

Someone found a marker


Patio family dinner

Who needs toys when you have a box?

Madison LOVES to do school

Why does Caleb look so big?!

A morning walk with my buddy while the other 4 sleep

We are going to the zoo!!! (excitement)

Hunter petting a python

Audrey's favorite face to make

So so precious

I bought Jordan an axe for Father's day...he annouced he was going to go "Chop down a tree" in the front I followed him...I was NOT expecting this!

Then he picked it up and carried it off!


Hunter reading to Audrey

Hunter and Roman in MMA

She helped herself to a snack

Park with the family after dinner

School outside