Friday, May 2, 2014

Caleb is 1 month old

Sweet Caleb, you are one month old now. We have had a lot of visitors in town to come meet you which has made this time go by so fast. 

You are still in the sleepy newborn stage right now. I am still waking you up for most of your feedings during the day. You are a great nurser and eat for about 30-40 minutes every 3 hours or so. At night you typically go from about 10pm to 2:30 or 3am and then back to sleep until 6:00 or 6:30am. About a week ago you started having some tummy troubles- a mix of gas pain and reflux. It is worse late in the day and in the evening so you have had days of crying for hours and hours in pain. Your dad and I have tried various methods to help you feel better. We still haven't found THE method that works every time but you seem to calm a bit (or scream less frantically) when we give you a belly massage, let you nurse for hours at a time (during that time), or just simply wear you in the baby carrier and walk around the house. You and I have gotten a lot of good quality one on one time in the evenings when I wear you and walk around the house. You like to be held and you like to be moving! 

Your dad is always entertaining.

During the day you typically are very happy, peaceful and sleepy! You have been giving us a lot of good dream faces. 

Your siblings adore you. They each love to hold you and talk to you and help in any way they can. Thankfully your colicky spells occur mostly after they are in bed so they don't hear you screaming in pain but there have been a few days that you start earlier than normal (around 5pm) and they do hear it and it breaks their hearts! 

Your daddy LOVES to snuggle you. He often comes home to have lunch with us during the day and after lunch he will sit on the couch and let you sleep on him until he has to go back to work. The big kids are often napping at this time so he gets some one on one time with you. 

We ventured out on our first walk. The kids rode their bikes and you slept in the Ktan. I call it your cacoon. You LOVE this thing. I wear you a lot because I like to have you close to me and you like it too. You calm very well and go right to sleep in it. 

 Tia Dre came over to meet you for the first time this last weekend. 

We had to take you to a pediatric cardiologist for an echocardiogram and an EKG because our pediatrician noticed you had a heart murmur. We spent about an hour getting the ECHO (which you slept through) and we also had an EKG done and the cardiologist determined that your murmur is transitional- meaning its still changing as a result of the change of environment from intrauterine to extrauterine. Audrey actually had this same thing at this age and hers resolved on its own. The cardiologist said he has no doubt yours will also resolve on its own as you continue to grow


Otherwise you are doing awesome and growing every day! You are such a good baby (even with the colicky evenings). We just thank the Lord so much for the blessing your are to our family. You are just so precious to us.

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