Sunday, April 6, 2014

Picture day

The day I came home from the hospital with Caleb my sister, Avery and Pop drove down for a quick 24 hour trip to meet Caleb and take newborn photos. They stayed with Adam and Jaclyn last night and all drove over to our house today to meet Caleb and hang out and take his newborn photos. 

Meagan worked her magic

Meagan even brought gifts for the big kids! Cute handmade tunics for the girls and Lincoln Logs for Hunter.

Pop got to meet and snuggle Caleb.

 He also played with and entertained the big kids while Meagan took newborn photos.

Vivi was busy most of the morning making pot roast and pies for us all to eat!

We had a very busy but fun day today trying to get in all his newborn pictures and family pictures taken before Meagan had to head back to Dallas. It was so fun to have a full house of family and the kids all did amazingly well cooperating for pictures.

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