Thursday, April 3, 2014


About an hour after you were born last night, and we had gotten in some snuggles and pictures and a really good nursing session, the nurse came and took you back to the nursery to be evaluated by the neonatologist. They discovered that you still had a little fluid on your lungs that didn't get pushed out during birth and your lungs weren't expanding fully with each breath and you were grunting a little. Your oxygen saturations weren't as good as they should have been and you weren't maintaining your temperature very well. They decided to run some blood work just to be sure there wasn't something else going on like an infection or something. They did a chest x-ray and were able to see the fluid. That combined with your oxygen saturation and an elevated WBC from your blood work landed you a day in the NICU for "transient tachypnea". Which is just a fancy word for you were taking longer to transition because you were born so fast that you still had fluid on your lungs.  

I didn't sleep but about 45 minutes the first night because I just wanted to be near you and know that things were going okay. I stayed by your side in the NICU all night and held you off and on so long as your temperature was okay. 

Check out these toes!

They put an IV in for antibiotics (for the elevated WBC) and they did room air oxygen in a nasal cannula to try to use the flow to push your lungs open more. They decided to hold off on food through the night to allow you to focus on your lungs so you got some glucose in your IV and I pumped bottles all night and took them to you for when they decided it was time to give feeding a try. You took a bottle of my milk at 7 am the next morning from the nurse in the NICU (12 hours after birth) and then you nursed really well at 10am and 1pm and you maintained your vitals so they let you discharge from the NICU after 24 hours and come stay with me! You still have to stay for the full 48 hours for your blood culture to come back and to finish the full round of IV antibiotics. But the best news is we get to be in the same room again!

While you were still in the NICU Hunter, Madison and Audrey came up to the hospital with hopes of meeting you. Unfortunately you didn't get discharged from the NICU until later this afternoon after they had left. The doctor advised us to be careful about visitors since they still had not gotten your blood culture back yet. Hunter and Audrey were starting to act like they were getting a cold so it was best that  they didn't meet you today anyway. They still had fun running around our hospital room and wanted to watch the videos I had taken of you and see all the pictures. They are SO excited to meet you! Audrey's 2nd birthday is today so it was so good to get to see my baby girl ON her birthday. I can't believe it was exactly 2 years ago that we were here delivering her! Time flies. 

Vivi was able to go back to the NICU to meet you for the first time. Daddy stayed outside with Hunter, Madison and Audrey since they weren't allowed in the NICU. 

They all left around lunch time and a few hours later the nurses brought you to me!

This is what I had been waiting for! Unlimited snuggles in my room whenever I wanted!

Naturally I had to take 1,000 pictures of you. I'm already obsessed with you. You are so precious!

Daddy couldn't stay away long either. He came up every chance he could to spend time with you and soak you in. 

We will be here at the hospital until Saturday morning so that you can finish your IV antibiotics and make sure your blood culture is all clear! I can't wait to take you home so you can meet your siblings!

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Brittnie said...

He is so adorable! So glad he is better and home safe and sound.