Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nana and Pop

Nana and Pop both came in town this past weekend. Pop could only come for one day so he came down with Meagan and Avery Saturday night (different post) so he could meet Caleb and head back to Dallas Sunday for work. Nana was able to take 3 days off from work so she came down late Sunday night and stayed until early Wednesday morning (when Caleb turned 1 week old). 

The kids were so excited to see Nana walk through the door Sunday night especially since Papa, Vivi, Pop, Meagan, Avery, Adam and Jaclyn were all leaving at the same time. Nana saved the day with her timing so that there were no tears from the kids when everyone else left!

Having Nana here was awesome. It's always so good to have family, especially our moms, around in those few days after delivery.

She got in her snuggles with Caleb in the afternoon, during the big kids naps, and in the evenings, when the big kids were in bed.   

She spent the rest of her days taking care of all of us; cooking us meals, doing laundry, deep cleaning whatever she could find, playing with the older kids, doing crafts with them, and she even pulled weeds in our yard! She never stopped moving the whole time she was here. 

She showered the kids with love and affection so much that they didn't even notice I was exhausted and spending most of the days and nights nursing Caleb. She helped make his transition home smooth by keeping up with the big kids pace when I couldn't.

It was so awesome to have her here.

It's always sad when family leaves. It's never long enough. We loved every minute! 

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