Sunday, April 6, 2014

Coming home

We came home from the hospital on Saturday April 5th. I had been discharged Friday morning but they let me stay and "room in" with Caleb until he reached his 48 hour mark (for his antibiotics). We got home around nap time so the kids were all asleep when we arrived. 

They made signs with Vivi and hung them up all over the house

and in Caleb's doorway

Vivi was able to get in some snuggles with Caleb before the big kids woke up.

Hunter and Madison came down first and got to meet him for the first time. 

 Then Audrey woke up and came down. She immediately ran over to him and said "my baby!!" and tried to take him away from me!

She was pretty possessive of him and was not a happy camper when her turn to hold him was up!

I love these 4!

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Brittnie said...

Cute kids! All 4 of them!