Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Caleb is here!

Caleb Drake Black was born today April 2, 2014 at 7:43pm weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces and 20.25 inches long. He was born at 38 weeks 2 days!

This is the last pic I have pregnant with him this was at 35w4d.

This was by far the best and easiest pregnancy of all 4 kids in every way. Even at the end when I typically drag out the long prodromal labor his was much more tame than the other kids! I have been "progressed" the same as I was with the other kids but the contractions and general discomfort were not nearly as frequent. The last week or so I have had at least one or two episodes a day where I thought it might be go time. They all lasted around 3-4 hours and contractions would just pop up out of nowhere and be about 3-4 minutes apart. Each time I was able to get them to slow down or decrease in intensity within a few hours so I felt confident it wasn't time. Yesterday however they got to be the worst yet and I ALMOST went in. I called Jordan to come home from work because they were so intense I thought we needed to get everyone ready and on alert. After about 2 hours the intensity decreased and they spaced back out to be more than 5 min apart. 


SO this morning I was to go in for my regular appointment. I was already 5cm 90% effaced and had been since my 37 week appointment. I was very uncomfortable with contractions all night and all morning but they weren't in a pattern yet. When I arrived at the office they could see that I was visibly uncomfortable. My blood pressure was elevated (contractions), I was sweating and having trouble walking through the contractions even though they weren't on top of each other or in a pattern. My OB checked me and I was 6cm so she decided to sweep the membranes and told me to go walk (pretty much exactly the scenario with Audrey) and she said we would most likely be having the baby today because I am so progressed and just RIGHT on the edge. I went home and bought groceries because I thought well if today is the day then our kids need to eat while we are gone! Plus the walking and pushing the cart always gets contractions going for me. Sure enough before I even got halfway through the store they were on the dot 4 minutes apart and H-U-R-T. 

I finished up quickly and headed to check out while texting Sheila and Jordan to be ready and meet me at the house. Sheila was going to watch the kids until the grandparents could get there. The lady in the checkout line clearly could tell I was uncomfortable and when she learned I was in labor was a little freaked out! 

HAHA good memories.

We went home and unloaded the groceries and packed the car and headed to the hospital. On the way there the contractions moved down to 2.5 min apart. I called my doc on the way because I felt like we were pushing it a bit and wanted them to be aware that I was coming in. We arrived and they checked me in and got a bag of fluids in (which all happened pretty fast) around 4:45pm-6:15pm.

They called in for an epi and he came pretty fast (6:35 or so) and put the catheter in and just the bolus (not the continuous pump) and instantly my heart went crazy PVC's (trigeminy) and my heart rate shot from 60's to 180 and was skipping and I was short of breath. They decided to hook me up to an EKG to see what was going on and all the while I began to transition (epi wasn't in effect yet bc he hadn't put the drugs in..just the bolus). I started telling them I was getting close and that the epi wasn't on and I was in transition (6:50pm). They went and got the nurse and she was about to change shifts so she said her goodbyes as I was telling her I was ready to push (7pm)!!  The anesthesiologist said it was too late for him to do anything for me since he was already coming so he left (7:05pm)....Then a new nurse comes in (because of shift change) and so I tell her "I'm ready to push...he has moved DOWN" (7:15pm) and she says "okay well let me go get the cart and start getting the team ready and you call me when you are ready"...

She shuts the door and LEAVES 

I'm pressing the button yelling "I'm READY to PUSH!!!!!" (7:20pm)

She comes back in and says "okay I will check your progress" (like she doesn't believe me?) 

and says "just don't push" I'm trying not to hit her. 

She says "oh okay well you're complete...don't push I will call the doctor. (7:25pm)

 I was seriously about to crawl out of my skin. This whole scenario took about 40 minutes when they came back in to turn over the room with NO DOCTOR 7:40pm)  I finally just said "I HAVE TO PUSH NOW I CANNOT STOP IT" ....and just did. 

My doctor wasn't there so they said "we have an on call doc in the hall do you want him?"

 I was yelling 

"I DON'T CARE! Get this baby out!" 
(I am sure they loved me at this point). 

I just went ahead and pushed (one time) 7:43pm and a random man (the doctor on call) runs in and catches Caleb as flies out and then he lays him on my chest turns around and leaves! I seriously have no clue what he looks like or what his name is... he was there less than 1.5 minutes and only caught the second half of Caleb. 

Then my doc (who I LOVE) passes the on call doc in the hall and as she gets to our room she hears Caleb crying and she comes running in laughing but kind of sad saying 

"no Ashlie I'm so sorry I missed it!
 I told you guys she goes fast!!!"

 At this point it was funny and I realize the shift change was the biggest problem of all. My doctor had been telling the day shift to call her when I hit transition because I go fast but the night shift showed up just as I was ready to push not knowing anything about my history. So it was just BAD TIMING.

 In the end we were all are just laughing about it and I'm apologizing for yelling at them over and over and they said "we didn't realize you were going to go so fast! I mean that's how you deliver a baby!" 

My doc told them this is how 4th babies's KNOW when it's time and babies come fast. 

Afterwards she joked that she was going to just stay next to my room when I check in for the next baby so she won't miss it. This is now 2/4 kids that have come so fast the doctor didn't make it....and Audrey was a close 3rd one! 

Now to the best part...My sweet sweet Caleb. Oh man what a PURE joy you are. We have prayed for you for so long and you are so perfect. Your daddy and I are already head over heals in love with you and will love you unconditionally for the rest of your life. We feel so overwhelmed and totally blessed to be gifted YOU to take care of and to raise. Your brother and sisters have prayed for you everyday that you have been growing inside of me and even before we found out we were pregnant with you they prayed that "God would give them a baby brother or sister soon." They are beyond excited to meet you and to help take care of you. You are already loved by SO many. And so many prayers have been answered by YOU entering this world today. It is a day I KNOW I will never forget. You are so sweet and snuggly and you are my best nurser by far! I can't stop looking at you and just wanting to soak you in. 

You spent about 45 minutes with us in the room right after you were born. I held you for about 20 minutes skin to skin and soaked you in and then they took you over to the incubator to get your weight and vitals. 

This was RIGHT after you were born. They had just weighed you and we were getting ready to nurse for the first time. 

Everyone left and your daddy and I got to snuggle you and hold you and pray over you and thank God for such a wonderful miracle! 

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