Friday, March 28, 2014

Papa and Vivi Visit

Papa and Vivi came in town for a quick overnight stay on their way to round top last night. We met them at Cheesecake factory to celebrate Audrey's 2nd birthday a week early. We planned on Benihana (as tradition) but they were crazy busy that night!

We took what will probably be our last family pic as a family of 5! Caleb is due any time now. I am almost 38 weeks! 

This sweet girl is turning TWO in ONE WEEK! 

I decided to do a combined birthday party for Audrey and Madison this year since Audrey's birthday falls right around the time Caleb is due. So their birthday party will be on Madison's birthday (May 3rd). 

This girl LOVES to wear "pretty dresses"

We had fun hanging out and being lazy this morning before they had to head out. 

 We can't wait until they come back for a visit when Caleb is born! We always look forward to seeing family!

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick's day side by sides...then and now. 

It always shocks me when I see how much our kids change in just one year.
This was this year (2014).

Hunter is 6, Audrey 23mo and Madison 3.5

Last year (2013)
Hunter 5, Audrey 11 mo, Madison 2.5.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nana Visits

Nana came down for a visit this past weekend. We had a lot fun hanging out with her, playing outside, and making the backyard pretty! We went to one of my favorite nurseries and loaded up on pretty flowers for the backyard. We always love it when family visits. It's never long enough!

Audrey is obsessed with dogs. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

23 months old

Audrey it's hard to believe you are 23 months old. One more month and you are 2! You are growing up so fast and becoming your own little person. I love to watch you and be around you. You are so full of personality. Everything you do is big. You are full of joy and LOVE to perform...I mean LOVE. You still love to dance and sing or you will call my name from across the room to watch you practice your new skill which is jumping with your feet actually leaving the ground. You are a climber and you are in to everything. You seem to have no fear when it comes to physical things. You do not enjoy loud noises like the vacuum, table saw, or when daddy makes protein shakes with the blender. You are VERY attached to me lately. You want to be held all the time and you are very particular about HOW you are held. It must be on top of my belly with your head on my shoulder (not on the hip and I'm not allowed to sit down...we must remain standing). You hate it when daddy or I leave the house. You also very much hate it when anyone opens a door to the outside and you are not invited to join them!

You love to read books

You love to try on clothes, shoes, glasses and any accessory

You are warming up to gymnastics more and more. You are still unpredictable each time we go about which Audrey will show up...the one who loves gymnastics and wants to do it all OR the one who just wants to be held by mom the whole time. 

You love to swing. If I am outside you want me to push you on the playset swing or hammock. If you are out there with just the kids you will swing on the big swing on your tummy for about 20 min straight. 

You love to be outside

You love playing in the mud

Valentines morning we surprised y'all with pink pop tarts (a rare treat) and lots of goodies from the grandparents. Which you guys all enjoyed!

You love to draw on paper so when we are doing school you typically spend some time at the table with us drawing or coloring.

You are doing so awesome in your big girl bed. We are slowly working on decorating your room. You go down for naps and night time so easily and sleep 12 hours at night and take a good 3 hour nap!

You love to snuggle on the couch with Hunter and Madison in the mornings and watch "George". As soon as you come downstairs in the morning you run up to the couch and point to the TV saying "GEORGE!"

You also love it when daddy joins for morning snuggles because he scratches your belly. 

This particular day was one of your best gymnastics days. You did everything they asked you to do!

You have insisted on self feeding since you first started eating solids. It isn't always pretty. When you get close to being done you tend to spread the food on your skin and hair like it's lotion or something. 

You and Madison have a sweet relationship. 

You are talking more and more every day. You speak in full sentences but we can't always make out what you are saying. Usually one or two words will be clear enough that we can figure out what you are saying but you crack us up because when you get going it sounds like you are speaking your own language! Then sometimes you surprise us and will say a full sentence that we completely understand! You are so full of personality and so fun to have around. I cannot imagine life without you! You are our wild child right now....100 mph is the only thing you know...ONE volume (ULTRA LOUD) and big personality swings....happiest in the room or the saddest. We love you so much and love watching you grow!