Saturday, February 1, 2014

3rd Trimester

It's hard to believe I am already in the 3rd Trimester with Caleb. This pregnancy has gone by very quickly. I will turn 30 weeks on Monday. So far this has been unlike any of the others. My high risk doctor actually told me at 26 weeks that she doesn't need to see me anymore this pregnancy because everything is going so well! I only have to see my regular OB from here on out.

I haven't had near the kind of contractions I had with the others and my cervix has held strong. I feel like this is so much more of a typical pregnancy. I do have braxton hicks contractions but they are more activity related and aren't timeable and constant like they were with the others. I am carrying him higher than I did the other 3 too, which means MUCH less pressure but also I am experiencing new things like feeling breathless because he's up where he's suppose to be!

Life is busy right now and I am so thankful that this pregnancy has been so normal. It is SO much easier than the other 3 that it seems like it's too good to be true! I have what I consider to be normal pregnancy woes...aches, soreness, braxton hicks contractions, heartburn yada yada but those pale in comparison to what the first 3 were like. I am thankful to be able to keep up with these very busy 3 little ones!

I haven't taken many pictures but I have a few that document his growth! He's around 4 pounds now (at almost 30 weeks). He always measures about 2 weeks ahead of average on ultrasound. He looks perfect so far!

17 weeks

24 weeks

28 weeks

His precious face! (26 weeks)


Brittnie said...

I am so, so thankful that this pregnancy has been so non eventful for you! What a blessing indeed. Can't wait to meet him!

Ashley Locke said...

You are the cutest ever!!! So glad you and Caleb are rocking this pregnancy! Love you!!!