Monday, February 3, 2014

22 months old

Audrey you are 22 months old and FULL of personality. You are communicating so much better and about half the time we can understand what you are saying perfectly and in complete sentences. Then the other half of the time you will carry on for 2-3 minutes straight with facial expressions, pointing, hand motions, vocal inflections etc but we have NO idea what you are saying!

Some of your most common phrases to say:
"I'm comin' up"
"I wanna walk"
"I want George-K" which you always add a "K" to the end (George is your favorite cartoon)
"I want dadda"
"I want to go down" (downstairs)
"I want to go up" (upstairs)
"I want to play with dog dog dog"
"No ma'am-p" (with a p on the end actually means yes ma'am instead of no
You have many other single words that you say and you repeat just about anything we say. 

 You LOVE to dress up.

You are still a big snuggler especially when we turn on "George-K" for you. 

After nap you always want a snack and you want to be held.

You love it when we take your picture and you will say "chea" for cheese and then you want to see the picture of yourself.

You love to take "selfies" and then you want to go through and look at them all. Especially the videos!

You love your big girl bed and try to convince me everyday to just let you sleep with Madison.

We went to Bass Pro the other day to buy a present for daddy's birthday and you 3 LOVED looking at the fish. You love all kinds of animals. 

All 3 of you are SO tall for your ages. People always think you are a year older than you are. 

We've had some bipolar weather in Houston. Some days it's in the 20's and then the next day it's in the 70's! We took advantage of the warm weather with some hot tub time. 

And some park time! You LOVE to be outside.

You also love to play catch and play basketball.

We have had a few outside picnics this month. This was a picnic in the park. 

This was a picnic in the front yard. 

You almost fell asleep swinging in this giant swing at the park. 

Every morning when I make eggs for myself and for daddy you ask for some. You LOVE eggs for breakfast.

One morning I woke up and saw you weren't in bed. I get up hours before you guys so I was kind of worried you were already awake and roaming the house! I moved the camera all over the room to see if I could find you and I found you asleep on the floor (with a pillow and all) right next to the bed. I have NO idea if you climbed out and fell asleep there in the middle of the night or if you fell out of bed (with pillow). But you slept until almost 8am and woke up happy!

You love to move furniture, chairs and stools over to help you climb on things. This happened so fast. You pushed the ottoman over, climbed onto the table and then flipped over the back of the couch. I usually have to put this ottoman away because you use it for your crazy climbing all the time!

This was seconds later as you flipped over the couch. 

You 3 love to bake with me. 

You love Charity and are so sweet with her.

Some days during school you will sit at the table with us and do some sort of activity (like pulling apart sticky notes or coloring) that makes you feel like a big kid doing school. 

Other days you do your own thing, 
or you stay glued to my side or in my lap. 

You LOVE your daddy and pretty much stay glued to him once he gets home. This is a recent development and I know he's soaking it up! You always want him to be the one to put you to bed if he's home. 

You usually tag along to Hunter and Madison's piano lessons on Mondays. You always try to be a part of the class at some point. 

We went to Barnes and Noble one day to pick up some books and you guys LOVED this train understatment. You were obsessed with it. We were the only ones in the kid section so I let you guys stay and play for about an hour. 

You insisted on wearing your purple tassel boots to church one morning with your frilly skirt. There was a LOT going on with this outfit but your insisting was too cute to pass up. 

I can always tell when you feel pretty all dressed up because you will pose for the camera!

One day I found you rearranging the magnets on the chore charts and replacing them with animal magnets like you were going on a chore strike or something. Too cute!

You love to feed your baby doll and push her in the stroller. 

All 3 of you play so well together. I love that you love being together. 

You are doing gymnastics in the 2 year old class even though you aren't 2. Some days you love it and some days you aren't into it. We hadn't planned to put you in a class at this age but when we would go to watch Madison I would spend the entire hour trying to keep you off the gym floor. So they let you join the 2 year old class. 

You are at such a fun and expressive phase right now. You make big facial expressions, talk loud with lots of pointing and you make it well known how you feel about things (good or bad). You love trying to be independent and also trying to keep up with Hunter and Madison. You get very frustrated when you can't do what they are doing. You love baths, being outside, animals, and trying to steal sips of mommy's drinks. You LOVE to sing and dance and try on clothes, purses, shoes, hair clips, hats, headbands, jewelry etc. You are such a good sleeper right now sleeping from 7pm-7:30am most days and then taking a 2.5-3 hour afternoon nap from 12-2:30/3:00. You eat pretty much everything we eat, you especially love meat, and you love to snack. You sprint pretty much everywhere you go and you always have a plan for what you want to be doing. You are such a sweet girl and we love you so much!

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