Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hunter's 6th Birthday Party

Hunter's birthday started out with a fun surprise at his door when he woke up. 

The kids had a blast playing with all of the balloons all day. 

Birthday breakfast of course was DONUTS. This boy's fav. 

For his party this year we invited a small group of his friends and went to Gattitown for lunch. We had pizza, cupcakes and played lots and lots of games. They had a blast! 

Hunter was pretty excited that he is finally tall enough to drive his own car! 

For his birthday dinner we went to Benihana as a family and invited Ms. Sheila (their honorary Sugar Land grandparent).

She brought gifts for all the kids. Which they LOVED.

Hunter is 6

Hunter, you turned 6 today. 


For some reason that just really feels like a huge leap. I told your daddy that it's so weird to me to say we have a 6 year old, and yet it still sounds so little! I have gotten monthly emails from baby center on each of my kids since they were born. They send little updates about what to expect at each age. It has changed from "your baby" to "your toddler" to "your preschooler" to "your kindergartener" and suddenly today's email said "your grade schooler". WOAH.

Aside from my shock of your age I am REALLY enjoying this phase of life with you. You have grown from a delightfully sweet bouncing baby boy into a thoughtful, resourceful, helpful, handsome, silly, smart and sometimes shy little man.


You are so unique. You remind me a lot of your daddy in how well rounded you are. You are ALL boy but also have such a tender heart and are so thoughtful and considerate. You can go from wrestling, being wild, loud crazy, chasing, building abstract structures, playing in the mud and just being a BOY to being so gentle with your little sister saying "you're so cute Audrey", or helping her put her shoes on, or getting out of her high chair. You are the best about random acts of love...drawing me a sweet picture that ALWAYS says I love you, to getting emotional about the people you miss that you love so much and don't see often enough. To coming up and wanting to snuggle (you're an AWESOME snuggler).

You are very competitive yet also thoughtful and allow your sisters to experience "winning" when you know you could totally have crushed them. You are helpful.....oh my goodness you are helpful. You will clean like no other. You are the designated vacuumer, trash taker outer, and dog feeder (although your sister's enjoy sharing that responsibility). You are so encouraging and love to "teach" Madison and Audrey how to do things that you have already mastered. You will often tell me you have come up with a lesson to teach them something that you have noticed they do not know how to do.

I have a feeling you are an introvert in that you could be alone for hours and be totally entertained. You prefer to be around smaller groups of people you know pretty well. You flourish in this environment and step up to be a leader. When put in very large group situations you kind of retreat and become shy. You still have fun but prefer to find that one or 2 good friends and run off with them rather than stay as a huge group. You also self-entertain very well and seem to need time to yourself everyday. 

You do not enjoy performing in front of large crowds or publicly but given a smaller crowd of 5-8 people and you will put on a REAL in it will have a start time, be all planned out, be named, have a "theme" and you will give out prizes for all of your audience members for participation and behavior (i.e. the most quiet during your "show").

You enjoy showing your independence by making your own breakfast, lunch and snack and will often make me coffee or hot chocolate in the Keurig (or make it for yourself!).

You LOVE to pal around with daddy. When daddy is home you are right beside him doing whatever he is doing. You both have a love for building things with your hands, both are creative, both love to be outside. You went on your first duck hunting trip with him a few weeks ago and loved it.

You were so proud and excited 

You LOVE donuts (just like daddy). A great day for you is when mom or dad surprise you kids with donuts for breakfast. Donuts might be your love language :)

You are very protective of and helpful with Audrey. I love to see the differences in relationships between each of you kids. You and Madison are truly FRIENDS. You do everything together, you get along so well and enjoy being together. With Audrey you take care of her, are protective of her, and are helpful with her (although you are with Maddie too). It's so sweet to watch. You think Audrey is hilarious (and she is) and you laugh at the things she says and does all day long. You have SUCH a good sense of humor. You will find the humor in everything and point it out. You love to laugh!

You are creative and inventive just like your daddy. You are always coming up with new games to play and love to play pretend. 

You all 3 love it when we make s'mores and hot chocolate on a chilly day. 

You are very thoughtful and will often come down early and make breakfast for everyone. This particular morning you made toast and even cut out special shapes for Madison and Audrey and set out a few options for toppings. 

You come up with great ideas and will try to invent new things all the time. 

Your idea for homemade apple juice. 

Your sense of style is just like your daddy's. You want to wear athletic shorts everyday with a long sleeve shirt and boots.

When we buy groceries you will make your own list, and find the items in the store (you're quite helpful), you help me load them on the belt to pay, and as soon as we get home you will take out all of the fruit and wash it and put it away! You are SO helpful and it's 100% self initiated and I LOVE IT!

This is an example of your grocery list. You woke me up one saturday morning because you had gotten up early to make breakfast for everyone and realized we needed to buy groceries. So you made me a list and came and showed me saying "we need to go buy groceries because we don't have any food, so I made a list". 

For Christmas all you asked for was machines. You are obsessed with construction equipment. You know all of the technical names and what they each do. You happened to stumble across some in a Pottery barn catalogue and circled which ones you liked. 

You love working with your hands. Given some wood, nails and hammer and you're happy for hours. 

One weekend we went home to Dallas and Pop decided it was a good day to cut one of the dead trees down in the front yard. You of course HAD to help. It was a full day of chopping and loading branches into a trailer to be hauled off. You worked so hard and used loppers to cut the branches. You felt so big. When we left to go back home Pop gave you your own pair of loppers to take home with you. As soon as we got home you said you "had an idea for hard work that could make you money". You made this sign (with the loppers drawn on it) and hung it on the front of the house saying "we cut branches $7". You were so proud of your new skill that could earn money!

You have been taking Piano since August as part of school. You go once a week for private 30 min lessons and then once a month you have a group class with other kids your age for music theory and you do a recital for each other. You are doing so well! You have learned 3 songs and are working on your 4th now and have transitioned to using all fingers on both hands (instead of just pointer finger). 

You love to sit by daddy during family worship and look at the pictures as he reads a bible story. You love to be read to!

You asked if you could clean out dad's closet to earn money. So you did about 7 loads of laundry and helped me hang up all of his clothes back on to hangers. You are such a hard worker! 

Mopping is your favorite job. 

You are doing so awesome with school and we are pretty far ahead of where I had planned for us to be. You finished your Kindergarten math and handwriting before Christmas. You LOVE math the most and are a natural at it. You also love to "do school" in random places through the house. We typically do it at the kitchen table, with the girls, but you feel like it's a treat to move to the couch, hammock, or bed for reading lesson, or to the living room coffee table for math etc. You love the freedom of doing school at whatever time during the day is best and wherever you want to do it! You are all boy and VERY active. Typically we will do a subject or 2 and then go outside and play for a while then come back in and knock something else out.

Hunter, your daddy and I are so incredibly blessed to have been entrusted with you. You are so unique and so special to us and we love you more than you could ever imagine. You have taught us so much in the last 6 years and we enjoy watching you grow and mature every day but we wish time would just slow down! We love you so so much and thank God for every day He blesses us with you.