Thursday, January 30, 2014

Audrey's phase

Audrey is in a phase that I want to document mostly so I can remember "this too did pass".

She came over to me earlier this week (while I was cooking dinner) and she was covered in chocolate from head to toe...

Then I realized that's not chocolate she's been playing in...

it's her diaper.

Repeat this scenario everyday 2-4 times a day and you have my week at a glance (approximately 10 times so far this week).

The good days are the ones I catch her just as she reaches back in her diaper...the bad days are the days my nose discovers the smell, then my eyes notice her wall, furniture, floor paintings long before I actually find her covered from head to toe.

I am currently stocking up on more zipper onesie pj's which she will live in day and night until I potty train her because that is the only thing that seems to buy me enough time to find her before she paints the house.

I also have considered buying stock in lysol, carpet and furniture cleaner. I am thankful for my sanitize setting on my washer and dryer.

The good news is this is just a phase and she's in other redeeming phases right now that are way adorable.

The bad news is this particular one is not my favorite.


BrookeMahan said...

Oh my that is no fun! I can't imagine especially since you have been through it so many times this week. You are right though, this too shall pass! Hang in there!!!

Brittnie said...

Oh my goodness I cannot imagine! Please remind me of the "this too shall pass" later in life when Clara is in this phase!! You're the best momma around!!