Thursday, January 30, 2014

A few Hunter Specialties

His list (5.5 years old). 
Just to be clear he does like cleaning trash (hence the arrow back over to the like side)
And it's not that he dislikes food and coloring, but rather he dislikes "food coloring"

He draws me pictures everyday. They are usually some sort of car, train or a picture of me but he ALWAYS writes I love you because he knows how much it means to me. My fridge is covered in these and I love it. He even taught Maddie how to write I love you on her pictures she draws because they love the look on my face when they give them to me. It's always given to me along with a giant hug and kiss. 

Please don't outgrow this stage! 

He drew our family the other night. I especially like how much bigger Jordan is than the rest of us and that Caleb is visible in my tummy. 

Cuteness through the roof.

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