Friday, January 31, 2014

Big girl bed for Audrey

This sweet 21 month old is now a proud owner of a big girl bed. Last week we decided to go ahead and make the switch. She started climbing out of her crib at 17 months so I turned it around backwards (the back is much higher than the front) and she stopped trying...until last week. Last week I saw on the monitor that when she woke up she would take a running jump and attempt to leap over the side of the crib. It was time. 

The first night I tried she was NOT having it. I left the crib in her room just in case and after an hour of her totally freaking out I ended up just putting her back in the crib for the night. She was in a total panic...running from the big bed and trying to climb back in the crib the whole time which was not what I expected!

The next night daddy gave it a shot and he held the magical powers for the next 3 nights in a row with no problem. He walked out after about 2 minutes with a smirk on his face totally bragging! I was happy she was sleeping in her bed and staying all night with no problem but I needed to be able to put her down too since I am the one that's always here!

I tried for 3 days in a row on naps and it was a no go then FINALLY on day 4 she did it for me at nap time. I sat outside her room and watched her on the monitor after I put her down and as soon as she tried to get out of bed I ran in and put her back over and over again. After the first successful nap it hasn't been an issue anymore. She needed a few nights in bed to get used to it I guess. She no longer asks for the crib anymore and gets excited about her big bed! She goes to bed easily at 7pm and sleeps all night waking around 7:30am and takes a 3 hour afternoon nap!

Overall it's been a smooth transition and I felt brave enough to finally take the crib down and move it to Caleb's room downstairs.

She looks so little in her giant bed but it also makes her seem so old!

Next thing to tackle is potty training although I'm really not feeling it at almost 8 months pregnant. That one I may give a while.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Audrey's phase

Audrey is in a phase that I want to document mostly so I can remember "this too did pass".

She came over to me earlier this week (while I was cooking dinner) and she was covered in chocolate from head to toe...

Then I realized that's not chocolate she's been playing in...

it's her diaper.

Repeat this scenario everyday 2-4 times a day and you have my week at a glance (approximately 10 times so far this week).

The good days are the ones I catch her just as she reaches back in her diaper...the bad days are the days my nose discovers the smell, then my eyes notice her wall, furniture, floor paintings long before I actually find her covered from head to toe.

I am currently stocking up on more zipper onesie pj's which she will live in day and night until I potty train her because that is the only thing that seems to buy me enough time to find her before she paints the house.

I also have considered buying stock in lysol, carpet and furniture cleaner. I am thankful for my sanitize setting on my washer and dryer.

The good news is this is just a phase and she's in other redeeming phases right now that are way adorable.

The bad news is this particular one is not my favorite.

A few Hunter Specialties

His list (5.5 years old). 
Just to be clear he does like cleaning trash (hence the arrow back over to the like side)
And it's not that he dislikes food and coloring, but rather he dislikes "food coloring"

He draws me pictures everyday. They are usually some sort of car, train or a picture of me but he ALWAYS writes I love you because he knows how much it means to me. My fridge is covered in these and I love it. He even taught Maddie how to write I love you on her pictures she draws because they love the look on my face when they give them to me. It's always given to me along with a giant hug and kiss. 

Please don't outgrow this stage! 

He drew our family the other night. I especially like how much bigger Jordan is than the rest of us and that Caleb is visible in my tummy. 

Cuteness through the roof.

Friday, January 3, 2014

21 months

Sweet Audrey you are 21 months old. You are so full of personality and expression! You make us laugh every day. You talk up a storm in complete sentences of jibberish. You communicate to us with very clear one to 3 word phrases but sometimes you just get to talking so fast for about 2 minutes straight that we get completely lost. 

You are just so precious. I could look at your sweet face all day, or watch you toddle and jog around the house all day.

You love to eat and make it very clear what you want and when you want it! Meat is a favorite of yours. You also LOVE any kind of fruit. You are not a big bread fan.

You also love to snuggle. You really love to snuggle daddy and watch curious george. It's the only thing you ever ask for on TV and you get really excited when we turn it on for you.

You are sleeping so good right now. You are sleeping from about 7pm-8am and take a 3 hour afternoon nap from 12-3pm. Sometimes you go as long as 3.5 hours! You are ready for a big girl bed any time now. You climbed out of the crib a few months ago and have slept in a big bed at Papa and Vivi's in Dallas. One night you woke really early at about 5am and you were still pretty tired so I pulled you in bed with us and you snuggled up next to daddy and slept until 7:30am.

You are NOT a fan of road trips. In fact after 3 roadtrips to Dallas in a span of a month we declared no more road trips for you until you are older. You basically scream bloody murder the entire way (minus about 12 minutes here and there or if you happen to fall asleep).

This particular trip was your best all year. You liked having an ipad and headphones to watch what you wanted to watch. It also helped that the rest of us had headphones so when you did start to get upset we were able to reduce the volume level!

Ah those peaceful moments you fall asleep on the road. 

You LOVE to play outside. You often will go put your shoes on and come grab my hand and lead me to the door to go outside.

 You bow your head and fold your hands for prayers and at the end yell "maymen"!

You love to accessorize and play with baby dolls

You are very expressive! You make all kinds of faces...

and then bust up laughing at yourself!

You are too cute for words. This is one of my favorite ages, although it can be challenging at times, you make it fun and keep us on our toes! We love you to pieces.