Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 2014

Audrey in mama's makeup

My sweet Hunter loves to make me coffee

My little waffle maker (he loves to help in the kitchen)

Pancakes with homemade chocolate sauce is a Pop specialty that he used to make us when we were growing up.

Morning adventure walk with the family

Hunter finished Alpha level in Math U See this month! 

Audrey is so social! I took the kids to get ice-cream and she got up in the middle of eating and carried her ice-cream to the table next to us and joined a sweet mama and her son. 

Say cheese! 

Madison wanted to make my face cream

My grocery helpers

We were minutes from walking out the door to go to a choir performance and Audrey rounds the corner like this. She thought it was best to shampoo her dry hair before we leave.

I found the girls in Caleb's crib playing "house". Apparently they are twins and share a crib and Caleb is the daddy.

Lunch date with my favorite 6 year old

Room time

Jordan insisted I take an afternoon off duty. When I returned I spotted these 5 walking back from an adventure walk with exciting stories of an alligator spotting. He's such a fun and good daddy! 

Madison the fashionista 

Our first batch of Christmas cinnamon rolls to deliver to friends and neighbors

We have new neighbors that just moved in...5 days before Christmas! Maddie suggested we take them chocolate cream pie instead of cinnamon rolls because chocolate pie is better for breakfast.

Hunter is always Jordan's sidekick when it comes to building and tinkering on the driveway. So it was no surprise that he decided he would use this time off from schoolwork to "build a house" in the driveway. He spends most of his days out there hammering and screwing boards together trying to create his structure (just like he's watched his daddy do). So today when he asked if he could go work on his playhouse I assumed he meant he the one he's been building all week. I just looked outside and found him the back yard on the top of the ladder that he dragged out from the garage...hammering and screwing 2x4's into our play set. This boy is SO his daddy and beyond precious. 

She's becoming a total pro now. 

This is my favorite "stocking stuffer" a cup the size of Audrey. No need for a refill. 

I asked him he's up to and he said "oh I'm working on my foundation for the house I'm building" nevermind the giant hole he dug up in the muddy backyard. He's got important work to do.

About that "foundation" he's been working on (aka giant hole), it should be noted that this boy dug this up with a HAMMER. He just came in and asked us if he could have a backhoe...umm if we give this boy a backhoe we may not have a backyard anymore if this is what he can do with just a hammer!

We had professional photos made by a friend at church for our Christmas card. We went to our favorite place we take the kids to explore in the woods and she got some great shots!

Hunter 6.5

Caleb 8 months

Audrey 2.5

Madison 4.5

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

8 months old!

This is you at 7 months old and busting out the feet of 12 month sleepers. Sweet boy you are not small.

You are a happy boy when you get bananas!

Oh how I love these quiet moments, just you and me, with you fast asleep in my arms. I just can't bring myself to put you down. 

You are getting brave with standing on things these days.

And even more brave when you try to let go!

Your first time to try beans and rice...a family staple... you LOVED them. 

Sweet Madison ADORES you. She is always singing to you and smothering you with kisses. 

You are chowing down on a pancake at Hoggs n Chicks one of our favorite Sunday lunch places. 

Swing Fail

You love to talk. You make some of the best "words"

My heart is full! I am so richly blessed to be mama to each of you. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

We went to Canton for 1st Monday and to see Papa's store!

This is how we spent a good part of the day. Both the littles wanting to be worn by mom. 

We celebrated Madison's half birthday (4.5 year) with a donut breakfast (tradition) 

These kids LOVE to clean if it means they get gloves, clorox wipes or their own spray bottle. Many hands make light work!

 We spent some time over Thanksgiving this month baking with the grandmas. What great memories!

 Hunter is getting started on our traditional homemade cinnamon rolls. Tis the season!

Math lesson for the day... counting coins from our vending machine!

My cute dinner helper

We got an early start decorating the Christmas tree!

The boys went duck hunting

Sunday pic 

Family Class friends

We went up to Vivi's work at Christian care center and passed out candy and encouraging notes to the residents (and hugs). It was so fun! 

 Hunter always has interesting reading positions