Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving is always a favorite Holiday of mine. My whole family makes it a priority to come together on this particular day every year. This year my mom had it at her house again and Jordan's parents joined us! We stayed at Dwayne and Viv's this year and the kids enjoyed baking with Vivi as usual. 

Sweet Maddie. I love this pic of her watching Vivi so intently. 

Hunter made himself some hot chocolate as often as he could

Audrey enjoyed being stuck by Vivi's side in the kitchen to be the official taste tester.

Thanksgiving day we went to Nana's early so the kids could see the fam and get some energy out before lunch started at noon. Nana had her little village all set up and they enjoyed playing with it!

The kids played with their aunts and uncles and their cousin Brody 

They ate a little early while we waited on the rest of the family to arrive and then went down for naps shortly after so they could play all afternoon. 

Hunter got to stay up and play with Brody and climb trees with daddy. 

A big group picture is always a must 
(everyone except Meagan and her crew and my uncle David is pictured)

Pop took the kids around the neighborhood for a ride on the tractor. 

We had such a great time!

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