Thursday, December 5, 2013

Out of the mouth of babes...

I love remembering funny things that happen in our day. Life with 3 littles is almost always hilarious. Add the fact that I am married to the funniest guy alive and well... there is a lot of laughter around here. I always post these things on Facebook right when they happen and then forget to document them on the ole blog. Since Facebook won't be printed out into our family memory book I need to play catchup! 

Madison- Mom let's race there! I'm gonna "win" you. You just be sure to be careful of the "peddles" of water so you don't fall and hurt my brother in your belly.

Maddie sitting in my lap... 

Me- "Madison can you sit still please? You keep
punching my stomach."

I'm tryin to but my body just keeps moving!"

Sunday= family nap day 

Hunter- "Daddy why are you still resting like mom?"

Jordan- "because we are pregnant."

H-"no you aren't just mom is pregnant"

J-"well I'm being supportive"

"Mom why am I so cute?"

Audrey has been babbling full incomprehensible stories for a few months now. She does have about 10-20 single words but the way she talks is more conversational. Would be WONDERFUL to know what she is saying. She said 2 sentences perfectly this week...out of no where. 

"I want milk"
"I'm comin up"

A day in the life of the 3yo mind...

Everyone is getting in the car and Madison is shoeless. I send her back in the house to get her shoes while I buckle the others. 3 minutes go by...still no Madison.

I go to check on her and she's no where to be found. As I round the corner I spot her through the window in the back yard... Still shoe-less and picking flowers.

"Uh Maddie? What's going on?"

"Nothing I'm just picking flowers for papa and vivi"

My "little momma" (Madison) walks by and sees me on the floor assembling a table and says

"Oh no mom you are being so dangerous to my baby brother! You have to be careful with him in your tummy!"

Hunter- "Mom I'm going to work on a lesson for tomorrow to teach maddie how to say things right because she says things like sprinklers (which is water) when she means sprinkles (which is candy). So I am going to make a lesson on those things and teach her. We can print some pictures to help." (meanwhile Hunter still calls cup holders cup FOLDERS)


Madison: "oh man my nail polish is cracked. I need Rebekah to come fix it."

Hunter: "Maddie if you want your nail polish to stay you can't swim, you have to stay out of the sandbox and stop sucking your thumb forever"

Madison: "okay I will stop sucking my thumb so my nail will not chap"

Hunter: "yeah you really shouldn't suck your thumb. You have to stop all day and all night forever."

Madison: "okay hunter I won't"

Madison's prayer one night:

Dear God,
Please help me to stop sucking my thumb.
Please help Jesus to stop sucking HIS thumb.
Please help mommy and daddy to stop sucking MY thumb.
Please help daddy with his memory verse.
Jesus name. Amen.


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