Thursday, December 5, 2013

Caleb Drake Black

I forgot to post that we decided on a name for our precious baby boy last week! I say "we" loosely. We hadn't gotten around to really coming up with names yet. Jordan had been doing his usual throw random names at me to make me laugh but we did not really have a serious list going yet.

One night we were sitting in the living room about to start family worship and waiting on Hunter (who was in the bathroom). We were just laughing and talking about who knows what and out of no where Hunter comes out and sits on the couch and declares. "The baby's name should be Caleb".

Just like that out of no where. We said "what? where did you come up with that?" he said "I don't know out of my brain?"

So just like that we (Jordan and I) looked at each other and smiled in agreement...way too cute for big brother to name little brother! Then Jordan said "I like it! Caleb... Drake a good strong name."

There you have it!

I love the meaning of his name too.

Caleb: Faithful, devoted to God and bold