Tuesday, December 3, 2013

20 months old

You are growing way too fast. You are so busy these days and always into something or up to something.

You love to be at the table for school especially if we start early in the morning before daddy leaves for work. You want to be right were all the action is. 

When we go to Target you get mad if we don't get this cart. You also get mad if we go to HEB and get a regular cart instead of a car cart!

I find a similar scenario almost daily. You have a deep fascination with toilets.

You started gymnastics at the same place Madison goes to this month. You actually aren't old enough yet (2+) but you desperately tried to get out on the floor the whole time Madison was in gymnastics so the owners (who are friends of ours) let you join in on the fun. You like it some of the time and other times you want to do your own thing.
 You got your first black eye this month. I am surprised we made it this long actually. You are a climber and a dare devil. This one was a result of falling off the couch and faceplanting on the tile. I wasn't there to witness it but you actually bumped your noggin way up at the hair line and the swelling just settled into your eye.

You had a nice (totally painless) shiner for about 2 weeks. Just long enough for us to miss Christmas card pictures!

Hunter wanted to work on letters with you and Madison one day and had the idea to do it in water outside. You guys had fun for about 5 minutes before you realized where the real fun was...

Yup. I think this is actually what you guys had in mind. 

 You are always up to something

Any time Hunter or Madison practice their piano songs you HAVE to be right there with them...on the bench punching keys.

You love to pester Hunter and Madison and tackle them all the time. 

You insist on being on my hip or on the counter when I'm cooking. A stool just doesn't cut it!

You climbed into Hunter's lap in the middle of family worship one night. It was so sweet :)

We put the Christmas tree up the week before Thanksgiving and you guys had fun helping decorate!

And you enjoyed making cards to send out to family 

You love to accessorize with as many clothes as you can find. 

Always always always on that kitchen table

Begging for daddy to give you a bite of his food

Hunter and Maddie totally have you pinned in the car. They can tickle all they want!

You LOVE to be outside. We play in the street with the neighbors after school almost every day and you just love it. You are always so sad when we have to go in for dinner.

You are such a sweet girl Audrey. You are in a very fun but very BUSY stage right now. I love to watch you grow and interact with Hunter and Madison. We are so blessed to have you and we just can't get enough of your cuteness!

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