Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Benton Visit

This past weekend the Benton Family came to Houston for a visit! The boys went duck hunting and Amber and I hung out at the house with the kids. They had so much fun and just SO enjoy being together.

Amber's lap was very popular one night during family worship! I love listening to all these sweet voices sing.

Audrey has no personal space

The kids spent the majority of the weekend outside either riding bikes or playing with the dog in the backyard.

Jordan reading bible stories during family worship. I just love these sweet sweet kids!

A little hopscotch

The boys brought back their ducks and the kids were excited to see them. 

We had such a great time and always look forward to spending time with good friends!


Madison: Hunter you have to share the backhoe with me. 

Hunter: No I don't. The bible does not say ANYTHING about backhoes.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2014

We started off Christmas Eve at the Candle light service at church. The kids always think that is a really neat service. 

We came home and ate our Traditional Candadian Cheese Soup and Sausage balls and had a birthday cake for Jesus. We opened Christmas Pj's and the kids went to bed relatively on time!

We started to set up the living room when about 30 minutes after the kids went to bed Papa and Vivi pulled up with a whole truck load of presents for the kids! They were able to come down for about 24 hours to spend Christmas with us and they brought gifts from Nana and Pop and more extended family. 

 The next morning the kids came down about 7:30 and we ate homemade cinnamon rolls, breakfast casserole and watched them open their presents. This is pretty much all Audrey was interested in the whole day. We could not pry her away from her cozy coup even long enough to get her to open any other presents. She also was VERY territorial of her car....no one was aloud to touch it or look at it without her freaking out. It was pretty funny to watch haha!
 Hunter immediately began ripping into his presents as fast as he could. We had to pace him a few times. 

 Maddie was much slower and was careful to notice each and everything she opened. She also wanted everything put together the moment she finished opening it... so she could play with it right then!

The rare moments Audrey was NOT in her cozy coupe were only captured because we hid the cozy coupe for a while in an effort to get her to at least notice she had other things to open. 

Vivi gave Madison a pedicure (her fav)

Daddy's attempt at hiding in the box...didn't turn out so well

Hunter got his first bow and arrow for Christmas and he spent a good amount of time outside practicing with dad. 

The rest of the day was wonderfully lazy. We did absolutely nothing but watch the kids play, eat, sleep and watch TV. It was such a nice day!

Before it got dark the kids took their new scooters outside for a spin in the culdasac. 

What a wonderful Christmas spent with loved ones!