Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2013 priceless moments to remember

Finding out we were pregnant with #4! (pic at 17w)

Hunter losing his first tooth (which he swallowed and has since lost his second)

 Madison using permanent marker to put on her "wake-ups" (makeup)... this was her face when she found out it wasn't washable

Madison's hair debacle of 2013. Hunter gave her a haircut...

Then the professional tried to fix it and felt that a mullet was the best option 

A real life mullet....on my 3 year old daughter...the day before our Christmas card pictures...

Which we ended up canceling because we came home from the mullet hair cut place to find that Audrey had a new black eye. (from a face plant on the the tile floor)

Then there were these moments...when it suddenly gets too quiet
(too many times to count)

Don't worry the permanent marker came off of Madison's face, her hair will eventually grow out, Hunter's tooth passed without a problem, and Audrey's toilet obsession is still full force but at least her random black eye is almost gone. And baby brother number 4 is growing perfectly!

oh and family pictures have been rescheduled :)


Brittnie said...

Hahaha this is awesome!! Fun memories, right??!

Kia said...

This whole post had me laughing out loud!!! I love it! Congrats on #4 girl!!!