Sunday, November 3, 2013

19 months old

19 months old already?! This fall is flying by. As I write this you are fast asleep in your crib a place where I did not think you would be much longer. You climbed out of it the other day at nap time and although I realize you will need to vacate it before you brother arrives this spring...I am not quite sure you or I am ready for that transition yet. You are CRAZY. Literally. You have no fear. You are in that stage where we are just trying to keep you from killing yourself. You climb on everything and jump off with zero plan for proper or safe execution. Thankfully I had the option of turning your crib around backwards (since the back is much higher than the front) you haven't tried climbing out again just yet. I am waiting on a little better judgement to arrive before we attempt that! 

You are so full of personality. Everything you do is big. Laugh big, cry loud, big protest, big excitements, big loud voice! You are obsessed with shoes and spend at least a good half of your play time at the shoe basket trying on all the shoes. When we get ready to leave it's always a hunt for us to go find a match for each shoe because you have wandered off with them! The other day all 3 of you were dressed and ready for church. I ran back to my closet to get dressed and when I came out I announced it was time to get in the car. You all 3 lined up like little ducklings to get in and as I opened the car door I noticed just in time that you had changed your outfit just a tad! You decided big brother's crock went with your outfit better than your shoe...JUST one crock though. You are so cute! 

You could spend all day playing in an empty car seat, stroller or toddler booster high chair (on the floor).

If I am standing up you want me to hold you. This is usually the face I see if I haven't picked you up within 5 seconds of you asking. You are so cute when you ask you make this little noise like a dog begging for treats and you wave your arms in and out.

You are really in to baby dolls. You love to take care of them and love on them. You make the sweetest noises almost like you are talking baby talk when you take care of them. 

You play alone very well. For a girl who has always had 2 older siblings to entertain her you are quite good at entertaining yourself too. 

You follow Hunter around everywhere. You LOVE him. You try to do everything that he and Madison do. If he is at the table eating, you want to be in the same chair!

You have really fallen in love with your daddy. This is your face when you discover he is home from work and has just opened the door. 

You RUN to meet him screaming DADA DADA! I know he LOVES this special greeting when he gets home. 

In fact you all 3 run to him screaming DADDY IS HOME!!! 

You are still my little side kick all day though. You love to just be near me. When I put on my make up (if you are awake) you and Madison want to sit in my lap and put on your "wake ups" too. (as Madison calls it).

When you see me pull my camera phone out you pause, smile and say CHA! You are such a little poser for the camera.

We threw a little party for the 50th day of home school and you were pretty excited about the cake part!

You love to be outside

When it gets too quiet it ALWAYS means you are up to something.

Sitting in the swing I have out for your brother (which you have outgrown)

Climbing on tables (notice the table are conveniently blocking the fireplace...because you take out handfuls of soot and scatter it all over the place if it's not blocked)

Or standing/playing in one of the toilets. You are like a magnet to the toilets. No shut door can stop you  now since you learned how to open doors this month. 

You love to help daddy when he is building something.

When you get tired you just stop where you are and lay down on the floor. 

You are my little snuggle bug

We did our annual tradition this month of decorating a pumpkin

We went to our church trunk or treat. You and Madison were fairy princesses and Hunter (who is not into costumes) said he was a football player. 

You love to sit in your daddy's lap every night during family worship.

This is one of my favorite types of days and another big reason I love home schooling. It was a cold and very rainy day. We stayed in our Pj's all day and baked cookies and drank hot chocolate and you 3 watched the rain out of the window a good portion of the morning. I love these moments!

Papa and Vivi sent you guys some Halloween treats on Halloween. You were SO excited to get mail when you woke up from nap time!

Anytime you hear a song you like you throw your hands in the air and start dancing. You have always loved music and loved to dance!

You are such a sweet heart. We love every day we are blessed with you and look forward to many more to come! 

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