Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2013 priceless moments to remember

Finding out we were pregnant with #4! (pic at 17w)

Hunter losing his first tooth (which he swallowed and has since lost his second)

 Madison using permanent marker to put on her "wake-ups" (makeup)... this was her face when she found out it wasn't washable

Madison's hair debacle of 2013. Hunter gave her a haircut...

Then the professional tried to fix it and felt that a mullet was the best option 

A real life mullet....on my 3 year old daughter...the day before our Christmas card pictures...

Which we ended up canceling because we came home from the mullet hair cut place to find that Audrey had a new black eye. (from a face plant on the the tile floor)

Then there were these moments...when it suddenly gets too quiet
(too many times to count)

Don't worry the permanent marker came off of Madison's face, her hair will eventually grow out, Hunter's tooth passed without a problem, and Audrey's toilet obsession is still full force but at least her random black eye is almost gone. And baby brother number 4 is growing perfectly!

oh and family pictures have been rescheduled :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend in Dallas

We went to Dallas this past weekend to make the rounds and see everyone. Football season is over now so life will start to hopefully slow down a little bit. It has been WAY too long since we have been to Dallas. We have had a busy few months with opening the gym, football season, homeschooling and of course feeling kind of crappy in the first trimester with #4. 

We stayed at my parents house this time. Jordan went Hunting while the kids and I visited with family and hung out. 

Mom please don't take my picture anymore! This was suppose to be the weekend for Christmas card pictures but the day before we left kind of took that out of the equation. Hunter cut Madison's hair so I took her to get it fixed and they gave her a mullet. Poor thing. There really isn't much we can do with it although I can just barely get it up into pig tails.

The kids enjoyed all kinds of fun things at Nana's house. We bought our craft box with us because they love to sit at the table and do crafts.

Nana also baked cookies with them

Lots of snugglin' going on

"nanicures" all around

Pop played and wrestled and snuggled the kids

Audrey's black eye continued to get worse. She fell and hit the top of her forehead on the tile and it just drained down into her eye. It started off just swollen but over the course of a few days just kept getting more and more black. (another reason we skipped out on Christmas pics this trip!)

Pop and Hunter made a bird house for Hunter to bring home and put in the backyard. Hunter thought that was WAY cool. 

Pop also took the kids for a drive on the tractor. They loved this part the most I think.

Aunt Meagan came over one afternoon for a visit

Pop asked Hunter to help him cut down a tree in the front yard. Hunter was feeling PRETTY special on this trip. This kid loves to help!

Nana bought Gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate

Audrey practiced her ninja moves to get past the stair barricade. 

Meagan gave Madison a pedicure

Papa and Vivi and Beekah and James came over one night for dinner.

After such a fun weekend it was SO hard to go back home. We so enjoyed spending time with family and always look forward to returning. Pop sent Hunter home with his very own set of loppers. He was SO excited. As soon as we got home he asked if he could use his loppers to earn money now that he knows how to use them. He made a sign "We cut branches $7" and hung it up in the driveway and then watched out the window to see if cars passing were planning to stop. So so so cute. Daddy ended up finding work for him to do with his new loppers!