Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Boy Coming Soon!

We are so excited to announce that we have a baby boy on the way! We found out a few weeks ago (at 12 weeks) that we were having a boy and it was again confirmed yesterday (at 15 weeks). The kids are so excited and have thought all along it would be a boy...I did too. So far this pregnancy has been great! I have had the usual first tri suspects that I have (exhaustion, aversions, dizziness and nausea) but the last few weeks I have been feeling much better!

This is such a busy time in our lives right now with starting a new business, homeschooling and Jordan also working as a football coach that I am not sure I can credit the pregnancy for the exhaustion...I am pretty sure I would be exhausted anyway! Jordan will be around for dinner and bedtime again here in a few weeks when football comes to a close which I am WAY looking forward to. We have missed him so much these past few months. As far as the business, homeschooling and the pregnancy things are going about as well as they can be....the house... is another story (something has got to give!)

We have SO much to be thankful for. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on this precious boy. He is already loved so much by so many! We are praising God for this blessing!

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Kia said...

Congratulations Ashlie!!! So excited for you guys!! I'll be praying for a great pregnancy and some rest. ;)