Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Boy Coming Soon!

We are so excited to announce that we have a baby boy on the way! We found out a few weeks ago (at 12 weeks) that we were having a boy and it was again confirmed yesterday (at 15 weeks). The kids are so excited and have thought all along it would be a boy...I did too. So far this pregnancy has been great! I have had the usual first tri suspects that I have (exhaustion, aversions, dizziness and nausea) but the last few weeks I have been feeling much better!

This is such a busy time in our lives right now with starting a new business, homeschooling and Jordan also working as a football coach that I am not sure I can credit the pregnancy for the exhaustion...I am pretty sure I would be exhausted anyway! Jordan will be around for dinner and bedtime again here in a few weeks when football comes to a close which I am WAY looking forward to. We have missed him so much these past few months. As far as the business, homeschooling and the pregnancy things are going about as well as they can be....the house... is another story (something has got to give!)

We have SO much to be thankful for. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on this precious boy. He is already loved so much by so many! We are praising God for this blessing!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

18 months old

Audrey you are busy busy busy! 18 months old already and into EVERYTHING. You want to be just like Hunter and Madison and do everything they do. 

This has been a busy month for us with homeschool, the gym getting up and going and Jordan being knee deep in football season. We have eaten out for dinner a few times more than normal. It also has something to do with me not having the energy to grocery shop and cook with all 3 of you in tow right now.  I am looking forward to settling in to a new routine once things slow down with the gym and football ends. 

You are getting more and more independent with every aspect of eating. You want to use utensils, drink out of regular cups and sit in a normal chair. Thankfully you will still use a high chair at restaurants without a fight but at home you much prefer a regular chair and you actually eat your dinner better when you get to.

You guys love to build forts and play make believe. 

You love to be outside. You usually ride this roller coaster while Hunter and Madison ride their bikes.

This month you and Madison both had the stomach bug for about 10 days. It was a long 10 days and we did a LOT of this...

and more

 and more

I love the snuggles

You always prefer my lap over anything else even when you aren't sick. You are a big snuggler!

We took a field trip to the fire station with some other homeschooling families and you cracked us up the whole time. You would go sit at the front as if you were teaching the kids. You soaked up the attention!

We opened the gym this month and we spent many days/nights up there getting everything ready and getting equipment put in and in the right places. You guys loved to run around and go crazy in the gym (before it opened) and you have missed this now that it's open!

Your independent eating usually results in some messy meals....which means a sink rinse off after. 

You and Hunter are big buds. 

You cut 4 teeth this month (canines) and enjoyed blessing me with 5am wake ups every morning. Between the teeth and the stomach bug there wasn't a lot of sleeping happening this month. Thankfully a good cartoon and cup of milk holds you over until mom can wake up a little bit and get going. I'm not used to waking up the same time as you kids so I am usually ready to go before y'all wake up! This was a great reminder for why I love to get up before you guys do!

You have really developed a bond with daddy the past few months. You have been all momma's girl since birth but suddenly have been realizing how awesome daddy is. You LOVE when he gets home and you run to the door screaming with excitement to greet him. Every morning when he leaves for work (if you are awake) you want to go outside and wave to him as he leaves...and usually a few tears follow. 

You are doing a pretty good job of learning to self entertain during school. Sometimes that means playing quietly nearby...

Or taking all of the velcro stickers off the bins and scattering them about...

Or stealing mom's reading glasses and running off with them...
Or stealing mom's seat at the school table! You are so fun but most definitely a challenge to school time. If it gets too quiet I know I am bound to find you up to something!

You love playing in sand or doing any thing outside. 

Thank goodness for HEB grocery carts that can squeeze and contain all 3 of you in so we can get in and out of the grocery store quickly! You are all such big helpers and love to toss surprises in to the cart when I am not looking. 

You are a good traveler and usually will nap at the right time (although an abbreviated nap) if we need you to on the road.

You are 34 inches (95%) and 24 pounds (77%) and your head is 19 inches (91%). You are growing so fast and are so fun and full of life. You have a big personality. You are often content but when you are mad you are MAD or happy you are squealing and joyful! You have big emotions and will full on fall to the floor prostrate in protest when you are upset. You can't stand being left out if Hunter and Madison get to do something that you can't or heaven forbid mom might put on her shoes a leave the house without you :) You are so precious and my little snuggle bug. You have been my sidekick since day 1 and you are so much fun to be with. When we are home you are stuck to me like glue (unless I am doing school and then you run off to see what you can get into). BUT when we are out in public you want freedom and you will tear off away in 2 seconds! We absolutely adore you and can't imagine life without you! We love you sweet girl.