Tuesday, September 3, 2013

17 months old

Sweet Audrey you are 17 months old. You are busy busy busy these days. You want to be just like Hunter and Madison so much and they adore you! They love it when you talk to them in your own language. You make us all laugh with your cute dancing and your long drawn out gibberish complete with hand motions. When we sing during Family worship you dance and clap and do the hand motions that go with the songs and you bow your hand and fold your hands for prayers. 

You insist on brushing your own teeth and you try to put on your own shoes.  

Hunter LOVES to play with you.

His favorite thing to do is build something and let you tear it down. He thinks it's hilarious. 

You love to tackle and wrestle daddy when he gets home.

You love to take care of your baby dolls. 

You guys love to play pretend. Grocery store is one of your favorites. 

You go up and down stairs independently.

You love to push your stroller all over the house and collect things to bring with you.

You still love to climb...on anything.

Sweet girl

I love this picture of you. Hunter and Madison were swimming and we ran out of swim diapers so you stayed out of the pool and played in the sprinkler. After a while you climbed up and laid down to watch them. You are so precious.