Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun time with friends!

Every year we try to get together as a big group with some of our closest friends the Bentons and Niswangers. We all live in different cities now but try to meet up for kids birthday parties and a annual trip somewhere. We also get together just girls or just guys sometimes without the kids but it's really fun to get our kids together sometimes too since they have all known each other since birth! Our group is really growing. We now have 9 kids 5 and under (6 girls and 3 boys). 

From left to right Hunter (5), Audrey (16 months) Emory (5), Noah (10 months), Kaitlyn (4), Ava grace (3), John carter (3), Madison (3), and Hailey (2). 

They all get along so well.

When it was time to leave the kids would all line up and wait by the door.
We are about to open the gym so we took them all up to see the progress so far. (this is pre-equipment which will arrive next week). We laughed because when we pulled up the lady that owns the shop next to us came out and made a comment that we looked like secret service pulling up in our matching black SUV's. 

Ava grace and Audrey 

We got a little group exercise class done in the Fitness on Demand room. 

Hunter and Emory are the same size and both very tall for their age.

Noah and Hunter (Hunter enjoyed playing with this little guy)

Audrey snuggling Patricia

Ava Grace cheesin' for the camera

Hunter giving Emory a ride on the 4-wheeler

Patricia passing out popsicles

Hunter giving JC a ride on the 4-wheeler

Handsome boy

I love sleeping pictures :)

Rudy and 3 of his kiddos during or nightly family worship

Patricia snuggling Noah, Hunter and Madison during family worship

Rudy reading to some of the kids

The kids loved playing outside

Amber working and snuggling with Audrey

The 2 thumb suckers (Madison and Hailey) hiding under the fort they built. 

Amber working and snuggling Hailey

Craft time!

We all went to church Sunday morning and then to 5 guys for lunch before they all left to head back home.

We so enjoyed having them all here this weekend and can't wait until next time!

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