Saturday, August 3, 2013

16 months old

Sweet Audrey you are 16 months old now. Your little personality is shining through and you are so much fun!  You have a strong need for independence and you spend the majority of your days trying to mimic exactly what Hunter and Madison do. You are such a happy girl! You have a social laugh that is just precious. If anyone around you laughs about something you immediately join in about 5 times louder and longer. It is so precious! 

This is one of my favorite stages...the toddler that so desperately wants to be independent eater but hasn't quite mastered the art.

You LOVE to eat or drink whatever we have. 

You cheese it up for the camera

Your little bangs are getting long enough to hit you right in the eyes so thankfully there are enough wisps to pull it back. I love your sweet side pony tail. 

You are so precious even when your sad. I just want to scoop you up!

You love to go get your own snacks. You will get big brother or sister to open them for you and it's always funny to see you walk up empty handed but with the evidence all over your sweet face. 

You love to look at books. Look at your concentration!

You are still my snuggle bug. You are SUCH a momma's girl. You would stay here all day.

There is not much sweeter than this!

You love to climb

We are in the stage of just trying to keep you alive most days. You can scale some pretty high places in no time at all! Apparently I didn't get the blueberries to you fast enough!

You can get up but not down. So you proudly stand tall and accomplished until you realize you are now stuck and then you have a specific cry that you do when you can't get down! You climbed up on this table in about 30 seconds... WAY too fast!

You are as tall as a 2 year old which allows you to get up on places you should NOT be at just 16 months! You keep us on our toes!

You want to be like Hunter and Madison so much. 

They love to ride their bikes every morning and you will just sit on the tricycle with a proud face as though you are riding right along side of them. 

This is one of your favorite activities. This will keep you occupied for about 20 minutes at a time!

Hunter LOVES to take care of you, (Madison too). But Hunter takes great pride in doing things for you that I would normally do. When we are out and about he wants to push you in the stroller, and fetch snacks, drinks and toys for you. If you start to get fussy he always lets me know what you need (or what he thinks you need). I love your sweet bond!

You are a bruiser! Hunter calls you a bull dozer because when you hug you do it with everything you have. You plow right through and knock him over!

I love your sweet sweet smiles. You all just make my days so awesome. 

There is that happy girl....laughing hysterically. 

You and Madison have a special bond too. Madison will come grab your hand and say "come play with me Audrey!". She loves to change your diaper and bring you matching clothes to wear. She wants to match you everyday!

You have really started to bond with daddy this month which has made him SO happy. 

You have been such a momma's girl for so long that there was no room for ANYONE else to be getting your snuggles.

You weren't feeling well one day this month and daddy stayed up with you while you were sick and you really developed a bond that night.

I went away for a weekend at a convention and you two became best buds while I was gone. He is LOVING this. 

I love to see it too because I know how long he has waited for this day! 

 We love you so much sweet girl. You are growing up so fast and coming into your own. We cherish everyday we have with you and are so incredibly blessed!

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Brittnie said...

She is so adorable. And so busy! Sweet girl!