Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Snap Fitness

Last year, before Jordan signed with the Redskins, we were actually days away from purchasing a Snap Fitness Franchise. Jordan got the call from the Redskins and decided to give it one more year in the NFL and it was a great experience! We are so thankful that he was able to get that closure. When we moved back in January he was ready to make the purchase and move to the next phase of life! We purchased it this past Spring and have been pretty much working on getting everything ready for opening ever since. We are so excited to FINALLY be in the final stages. Our equipment is being delivered this week and all the finishing touches are coming together. It will be open before we know it!

The building is close to 5,000 sf and the best part is it's only 3 miles from our house right on 
Highway 6. 

This was a pic after the old buildout was demolished.  The buildout took a few months to finish which is what slowed the whole process down the most.

This is the most recent picture...just before our equipment arrives!