Friday, July 5, 2013

Costa Rica Day 4

I woke up at 3:30am this morning out of pure excitement for the day! We were booked for a zip line tour which was a major bucket list of mine! Before leaving for our tour we went and explored the resort grounds. The resort is at the bottom of the Arenal Volcano and has a river running through it as well as numerous hot springs. They have so much to do and see that it wasn't possible to get to it all in the short time we stayed. 

This is overlooking the river

One of the hot springs that feeds into the river

We left at 10:45 for our tour. It took about 35 minutes to get there. We got our equipment and then headed up to get in the gondola which took us up to the starting point.

We listened to the safety instructions and then took off for our first of 8 zip lines!

There were probably 15 other people in our group and we had a few that were scared but went with a guide anyway and we had one guy who didn't follow instructions and actually got stopped before reaching the end and he wasn't strong enough to pull himself in so he began sliding back into the middle of the zip-line (it's shaped like a U so if you don't make it to the end you are suppose to grab the line and crawl yourself in).  The poor guys who worked there had to go out and retrieve him and crawl him in. It took about 15 minutes and by the end there were 2 workers pulling him in and they were both exhausted! Once they got close enough Jordan threw them a rope and gave it a good tug and they all 3 came flying in. It was HILARIOUS. He was about 2 times the size of all 3 of them and made it look so easy. We felt so bad for the guides because this happened AGAIN with the same guy on the next one. Thankfully the guy finally agreed to let a guide go with him the whole way and he didn't have any more issues. It really is not complicated at all but if you don't hold the right posture you won't go fast enough to make it to the end. Most of the group including us had no problem FLYING in like a rocket haha. It was so much fun!!!

I absolutely LOVED this day! We had so much fun zip lining.

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Amber said...

That looks like so much fun!!! Looks like an awesome vacation.