Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Costa Rica Day 2

Day 2 was better than I imagined! I had NO idea what was in store for us by booking this hotel. It happens to be on the grounds of the La Paz waterfall gardens and it is simply breathtaking. We hiked around 5 hours today. We saw 3 waterfalls upclose, many animals we have never seen before got to hand feed hummingbirds and dined with nature haha. This picture is from breakfast. There are really tame animals everywhere. This costa rican racoon was just looking for a little breakfast too. We see them everywhere. This one just happened to be drinking some orange juice from a table that had just recently been left. We thought it was hilarious. 

We went by the monkeys again because it was feeding time and it was so entertaining to watch them all swinging all over the place.

We hand fed the hummingbirds and learned some interesting facts about them.

Then we headed out for our first hike of the see the 3 waterfalls. This is the first one. It's 85 feet tall.

View from the top of the waterfall

The second one we were able to get REALLY up close and personal with. There is something so amazing about hearing that sound in the distance and then to come up on it and see how powerful it is and to feel the spray on your face. Breathtaking.

This is the 3rd one. We were not able to hike to this one so we drove to it by car. It's right off the road. Then we went exploring in the car for a few hours.

We came in for a little lunch and nap and to see the Toucans.

After naps we went back out hiking again to the other side. Tonight I was able to get a FREE massage in my room just for booking this hotel and their sister hotel all in the same visit. The lady came at 8pm. I booked it late on purpose so that by the time it was over I was ready to crawl into bed. Massage just might be my love language. I LOVE to get a good massage especially after a LONG day of hiking.

This place is just gorgeous. I feel like we found a secret gem! Tomorrow we head to their Sister location the Springs Resort . I am SOOOOO excited!

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