Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer time!

I LOVE summer! No schedules, no places to be. Just fun quality family time every single day! Adventure walks, BBQ's, swimming all day, side walk chalk, sand box fun, beach trips, zoo, cartoon marathon snuggles, popsicles and s'mores for dessert, hammock snuggles....I could go on and on and on. I love my little family :)

Helping mommy make energy balls

Hammock time with my babies

 Houston zoo

Collecting Roly Polies

The kids brought duck calls on our adventure walk one morning. I am certain our neighbors appreciated the wake up calls that day. 

It's the little things that make this one happy

Saturday morning Starbucks date with my buddy

Worn out from our walk

Pool side lunch

Sandbox fun in the awesome sandbox daddy built

Saturday morning cartoon marathon snuggled up with daddy

Family adventure walks through the woods

Collecting railroad ties

Poor baby girl didn't want the fun to end

She's even precious when she's sad

After dinner popsicle (Audrey's first!)

Nothin better than a barefoot baby in a diaper...just about the cutest thing!

This is our little fish. She LOVES to swim

She has no personality...nope...none.

Little sis is after those goggles...she's a bruiser

Collecting roly poly bugs is a daily thing

This makes my heart happy

They love each other SO much

Hunter asked me to come outside and snuggle on the hammock with him. You better believe I dropped what I was doing and said YES PLEASE! Anytime buddy. Anytime.

Tired from making the beds...the fun hasn't even started!

There is so much cuteness in this picture I can't hardly stand it. 

Handsome boy 

Our days wouldn't be complete without at least ONE tea party. Please stay little forever.


Brittnie said...

Audrey's sad face is too cute!!

Ashley Locke said...

Oh you stop it guys!!!! WAY too cute for words. Love it all. I miss you like crazy!!! <3