Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

I am one blessed woman to be surrounded by so many great men in my life. My kids have 3 great examples of fathers to look up to as they grow up. 

My own dad was always my biggest fan growing up. He never missed a game, a performance or event. He would take me out to practice at all hours of the day or night. He is the hardest working man I know. He literally knows how to do everything and is called upon by people all over for his skills. He has such a servant heart. 

Jordan's dad has always been his biggest fan too. Helping him accomplish all of his goals and dreams in life and being so selfless and giving. He is very thoughtful and generous and always helping out in whatever way he can. I am so thankful for the example he set for Jordan of what a good husband and father looks like. 

Jordan is such a blessing. I had no idea when I married him that I would one day love him THIS much. He continues to amaze me every day with his depth and his character. He is so thoughtful, intentional and loving. He is an amazing father...seriously blows me away every single day. He sets the bar high. Our kids are so fortunate to have him as their daddy. I can't imagine my life without these 4. They are my whole world. 

This is my absolute favorite part of the day. Family Worship. Watching their daddy lead them in Worship, sing praises, teach them about God and pray over them. The way he shepherds and mentors their little hearts is a sight to be seen. I fall in love with him all over again every single time. There is NOTHING better than this right here. 

 Happy father's day to the best men I know!

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