Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fairy Princess Garden Party

For Madison's 3rd birthday we did a fairy princess "garden" party in Vivi's backyard. It was a beautiful day. I had so much fun with this party!

I spent countless hours watching DVR'd shows making all of these tutu's over the past month. They are SO easy to make but when making 11 of them it takes a while! All of her female guests received a tutu, wings and a fairy wand as part of their party favors to take home and to wear to the party that day.

Vivi had the perfect backyard for the occasion!

We had the usual crowd for our Dallas birthdays. Both sides of the family, of course, plus the Benton and Niswanger clan! We always enjoy catching up with them!

Rudy and Patricia and company were nice enough to drive in all the way from Monroe, La. Amber soaked up some Noah snuggles as much as she could (Hailey was her big helper).

Madison woke up from her nap and was SO excited to go down and get her outfit on for her party!

Audrey (13 months)  looked pretty cute in her little outfit too

The boys were pirates! We only had 4 boys and I didn't want them to feel left out of the dress up fun. They really got into the costumes too.

John Carter (3)

Madison (3) and Emory (5)

The kid's food spread (the adults had taco salad)

Little butterflies with carrots and grapes (Hunter and Madison helped me make these)

Dipped Pretzels and strawberries 

Cake pops (Madison's favorite) 

Peanut butter and jelly stars

Fairy Princess wands

An attempt at a group picture.
It was hard to get one without the tulle blowing in the way because it was a little windy. 

Aunt Beekah made a tutu and dressed up too! Madison LOVED that. 

Emory (5), Noah (7) and Hunter (5)

 Chloe (5) and Kaitlyn (4)

Ava Grace (3), Madison (3), and John Carter (3)

Hailey (2)

Audrey (13mo)

Hayley and Casey and Nana and Pop

Daddy painting faces 

Ava Grace (3)

Hailey (2)

Hayley painting Chloe's face

Noah's (7) awesome pirate paint and outfit

Vivi painting Hunter (5) 

Somebody got Audrey! (13mo)

Vivi made sugar cookies into wands so they could decorate the cookies (vivi's specialty). 
They loved this part!

Madison opening her gifts

Madison checking out her doll house from Papa and Vivi

What a fun day! This birthday girl was fabulous!

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