Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cousin camp 2013

The first annual Cousin Camp took place this past weekend. My awesome mom had the great idea to hold a camp at her house every year for all the cousins to be able to come and spend some time together and get to know each other and spend time with their grandparents. And because my family is just about as awesome as it gets Jordan's parents also decided to be a part of the camp and help out even though not all of the kiddos are their grandbabies. I seriously have the best family!

My mom planned this thing out to the minute. She had a typed up itinerary, lots of fun games and prizes, t-shirts for all the participants (Jordan designed the t-shirts) and she is making a photo memory book of the event. The kids were SO PUMPED about this weekend. 

We dropped the kids off at 4pm Friday night and it started with dinner and a few games

This sweet girl wasn't feeling good so she got extra snuggles with pop while the big kids played

The older 6 grand kids stayed at Nana and Pop's house for the weekend. Kaitlyn 9, Noah, 7, Alyssa, 6, Hunter 5, Chloe 5, Madison 5 and Audrey 1.

 Audrey stayed with Papa and Vivi. That was actually the plan all along but she ended up with Pneumonia and wasn't feeling to great so it was good that she had the extra snuggles.

Saturday morning all the kids came over to Vivi's for brunch and a scavenger hunt in her backyard.

we aren't sure what to do with our hands haha

Papa and Vivi were nice enough to keep Audrey even though she was sickly so that Jordan and I could have a little weekend away just the two of us. They loved on her and dosed her up with all of her meds. After the brunch Saturday morning Jordan and I went to Ft. Worth. We stayed at the Omni until Monday morning and just saw all the sights Ft. Worth has to offer. It's hard to believe we grew up just an hour away and have never really spent time there! My favorite part was going to Six Flags on Sunday just the two of us. It felt the exact same as we did when we were just kids. I just love stealing away time alone with him.

We came back Monday morning to pick up the kids. We missed them so much! They had a blast and cannot WAIT until next year.

A big thanks to our parents (both sets) for lovin on our kids and being such fun grandparents!

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