Monday, June 3, 2013

14 months old

Audrey you are 14 months old! You are into EVERYTHING. You love trying to keep up with whatever we are doing. You want to be independent, doing things on your own (unless we are at home and then you want to be perched on my hip). You steal everyone's food and drinks.You climb on everything. You always know the moment someone has opened a bathroom door (you make a bee line for the toilet), the back door (you make a beeline for outside), the fridge (you are digging for snacks), the baby gate (you are scaling the stairs). If someone happens to leave a chair pulled out from the table we will no doubt find you standing on the chair or the table the moment we turn around. 

You have had a few rough days this month of fighting a virus and pneumonia. You had a hard time sleeping sometimes and would wake early out of a nap. This particular morning you woke up 30 min into your morning nap. I went to check on you and you seemed to be wide awake. I brought you downstairs and you kept laying on me so I took you to the bedroom and laid in bed with you (I have to soak up these snuggles as much as I can) and you actually fell asleep! You have not fallen asleep on me since you were itty bitty. I didn't move for about 45 minutes because I just couldn't let go. There is not much sweeter than this right here.

Eventually you rolled over and assumed your fav position (the belly) and I knew you meant business at that point. You ended up taking a 3 hour nap on our bed!

I kept checking on you because I worried when you woke up you would just walk right off the bed. You still have zero regard for safety at this point.

A few days later you did the same thing to dad. You fell asleep right on his chest. You are in the awkward transition from 2 naps to 1. Somedays you do great and take 2 two hour naps and then other days you take a great morning nap and then refuse the afternoon nap...those days you usually wind up pretty sleepy and snuggly much like this day.

I don't know why I love sleeping pictures so much. But I snuck in one morning and took this one before you woke up. You just looked so precious.

You love balls. You love to play catch with them...usually with yourself. You just toss it over your shoulder, turn around and pick it up...repeat 47 times. OR you walk around just kicking it all over the house.

BUSTED! There is that mischievous were caught red handed trying to sneak into the toilet room. (gag)

You love to be outside. You are so content to just hang out even when the big kids are swimming. You love to swim too but it's a bit more high maintenance to have you in the water since you 1. can't swim 2. have no fear. Therefore it's a FULL TIME job in the pool with you. Even with floaties on you insist on being a little dare devil.

So thankfully most of the time you are content to just hang out on the deck with me while the big kids swim.

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