Monday, May 20, 2013

Spa weekend

The LONG awaited spa weekend! Jordan gave me a spa day at Trellis spa and a kid free overnight stay at the Houstonian hotel for my Christmas gift this year. Can we say BEST EVER! I think my love language might be "spa day."  

I decided to invite some friends to come with me! Ashley flew in from Idaho and Roni drove in from Dallas. Two girls I have been friends with since we were all pregnant with our first kids! 

They are both little shorties (compared to me and Jordan) so we all thought this picture was hilarious.

They stayed in our guest room on Friday night

I HAD to do a welcome to Texas bag for them (even though Roni is from here), it was Ashley's first time! The bags were full of my favorite things (and a few of their favorite things too).

Saturday morning we ate breakfast at our house, hung out with the kids a little and then headed to the nail place to start our fabulous day. We got pedicures and then drove down to Galveston to meet up with another friend AND to let Ashley see the Texas coast. 

We met up with another mom friend, Lindsey, for lunch on the beach and then walked across the street to the beach after. 

Then we left to drive back in to Houston to hit the REAL SPA! So excited!

We each got deep tissue massages, and facials and then rotated between laying around in our robes, eating and drinking their food and getting the pools/hot tub and steam room. GLORIOUS.

We were THOROUGHLY relaxed after and went up to our room and ordered a GIANT room service dinner and rented a movie.

We didn't even make a dent. 

The next morning we checked out and dropped Ash off at the airport :(

It was such a fun weekend! I think it should be an annual event!

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