Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day

I love my family. Not just my immediate family (Jordan and the kids) but my extended family. I love that we can all hang out together...BOTH sides when we are in town. Our family is pretty unique I suppose. It's totally normal for us to come to Dallas and see everyone and at some point we have everyone all together in the same house around a dinner parents, siblings, their kids and spouses...Jordan's parents, sister and her husband. It makes things SO awesome for our sweet kids to have such wonderful grandparents and aunts and uncles. I have always LOVED big family gatherings. It's one of the reasons I want a big family of my own. I love all of the activity, the personalities, the stories and memories shared. I love that we can go home and not feel split between the two sides of the family but that we can all just hang out under one roof and enjoy each other's company. If we lived in Dallas I would be the first one to sign up for a weekly big family dinner! 

My sister was nice enough to take this picture of my little family when we showed up to mom's house for Mother's day lunch. This is my whole world. 

Speaking of Mother's day...Jordan and I were blessed with some pretty spectacular mothers (and now grandmothers). They are legendary!

We gave Nana and Vivi photo memory books of the kids lives thus far. All of Viv's pictures were of her with each kid from birth to present and Nana's were of her and each kid from birth to present. When I made the books I put all of the photos in and then called Hunter and Madison each in to tell me about their Nana and Vivi as I scrolled through the pictures. They gave me a "narration" of each and I included it in each book...that was my favorite part :)

After our lunch we loaded up the car for our drive back to Houston.

Hunter and Madison passed out shortly after pulling out...

Audrey (the one who actually NEEDED to nap) stayed awake the whole 4 hours :)

Cutie patootie this one. I sat in the back with them so I could be of more use. Audrey seemed to like my company.

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