Friday, May 3, 2013

Madison is 3!

Oh my sweet Madison. You are too precious for words. Your joy fills the room and people just adore you and gravitate to you. You are so friendly and outgoing. You've never met a stranger. You strike up conversation with every person you come across. You say "hi what's your name? I'm Madison, I'm 3! How old are you?" then you usually throw in a random fact like "I have a dog named Charity" or I have a brother named Hunter and a sister named Audrey" and then you end with "nice to meet you!!" 

You are so adorable. Everything you do is just pure cuteness. The look on your face when you are excited. How you always have a little jiggity in your step....a little shake. The way you mess up your words/phrases.   

Hungrain (hungry)
Cupfolder (cup holder)
Woddypot (lolly pop)
Chick fwey (chick fi la)
Yike (like)
Wuddy (lovie)
Yesterday (tomorrow)

I love it that when I put you to bed at night you say....
Leave my door crack and shut (which means don't close it all the way)

You want to be just like Hunter so every single day you ask if you "Can I do tae kwon do when I'm 5?"

You are SO sweet the Audrey. If you hear her crying you dance in front of her or jump or laugh to try make her happy. When she wakes up in the morning you ask if you can go up with me to get her and you always say "mommy I will be line leader and you be the door holder." Which means you go first but I open the door. You run in her room with PURE JOY screaming "good morning Audrey!! We missed you so much!!!!!!" and you just laugh and giggle and tickle her. It's THE BEST EVER.

You are all about matching. You love to wear the same things as Audrey so much that I usually end up just buying 2 of everything because I know you will want her to wear the same thing as you.

You still love all things girly. You love tutus, pretty shoes, bows, earrings, lipgloss, fingernail polish. You even have a little prance when you walk.

You asked for a fairy princess party. We are doing your party next weekend in Dallas but we did a little mini party with just our family today.

Every night during family worship you thank God for Nana and Chloe. It is way too precious that you randomly picked those two out of the whole family to pray for every night. But you sure do love them!

You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Inside and out. You are so full of joy that we can't help but love you to pieces.

You have so much personality. I uploaded my pictures the other day and found 47 others JUST like this one taken seconds apart. :)

You loved all of your special birthday surprises. You have looked forward to this birthday for MONTHS!

When you woke up this morning we called you to come out of your room and you opened the door took a HUGE GASP when you saw the balloons and then came bursting through them with so much excitement! Only you can wake up roll out of bed a literally hit the ground running. I always know your awake because the moment your feet hit the ground I can hear the pitter patter of your little feet running to come downstairs. I will miss that sound SO MUCH one of these days.

This is the PERFECT picture to capture you right now. So happy, so full of joy, always dancing and smiling and full of personality and girlie girl through and through!

We love you so much Maddie moo!

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