Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Day of K4

Hunter's last day of school at Cornerstone was today. The picture on the left was last August (he went just 2.5 weeks in August before we moved to Washington DC). I home schooled him last fall and then he rejoined his K4 Class in January when we moved back. The picture on the right is today. It's crazy how much he has grown in a year!  

Hunter loved his K4 class. His teacher Ms. Jessup, was so awesome. He absolutely loved her and she loved him too! At the end of the year she cried when we thanked her for all her work this year and for loving on Hunter. She said adored Hunter and said she would miss him terribly and that he was such a jewel in her class and that she appreciated so much the way we are raising him. She said they ran out of Gold coins because of Hunter. They get Gold coins for Christ-like behavior and Hunter came home with one about 3-4 times out 5 days a week. I am so proud of him and the boy that he is becoming and his sweet tender heart. He has such a good heart and is so thoughtful and kind and obedient. I can't believe he is growing up so fast. He is reading and writing sentences, knows more Spanish than me (I need to work on that) and he can draw better than I can (not that this is a hard thing). He can tell time and do simple addition and subtraction. He is really into learning, he loves it! He is so good at memorizing facts and memory verses. Once he hears it he remembers it. I just love this little guy to pieces and am so proud of him!

Ms. Nagla (left) and Ms. Jessup (right). Madison insisted on being in the picture too :)

He also lost his first tooth this week! It was loose before he went to bed one night and the next morning he woke up and ate a muffin for breakfast and said "hey mommy there's something crunchy in my muffin but it's okay I just swallowed it" no buddy that was your tooth! 

I am so excited about our new adventures next year, more on that later. I just love this little guy to pieces and tell him everyday he MUST STOP GROWING UP SO FAST. Seriously.

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Amber said...

Kaitlyn and I are cracking up reading this post about Hunter's tooth. Kaitlyn also said that he doesn't look like himself without that tooth, he looks like someone else now :)